New Blog!

Are you excited? I’m excited. This domain was originally bought to house my portfolio, but once that became horribly outdated, I turned it into a static page that had a little about me, various links to my social media profiles, my twitter feed, my other blog’s feed, and a widget for my etsy shop. It was bare bones and sad though, but it sufficed; so it sat…for over a year. But no more!

I’ve decided to turn this domain into a blog! Why not, right? I’ve got things to say and I’m going to show it! Look forward to posts about my thrifting adventures, clothes I’m wearing, things I craft, food I make, and who knows what else. This is the first “non-themed” (me-themed?) blog I’ve had since my Livejournal. Oh, Livejournal. Good times, good times.

So yeah, add me to your blog reader. YAY NEW BLOG!

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