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What I Wore: Hippie Mom

You’ll have to excuse the slightly blurry full length shot. My husband took one shot before handing me back my phone, so this is all I had to work with. Luckily, my face looks ok. Sometimes, I’m still talking when he takes the photo, haha.

I wore this outfit last week to go out an do some thrifting. I bought that sweater and the boots a couple of black fridays ago on a whim. I got the pants when I’d lost the baby weight, but still didn’t fit into my old jeans…funny how that works, huh? I normally buy dark wash jeans, but these were called “vintage jeans” and something about the crazy bell bottoms spoke to me that day. I haven’t owned a pair of bell bottoms since high school! I really need to get then hemmed though; even with heals, they’re slightly too long.

Specs: Sweater & Jeans – Old Navy | Sleeveless polo & Earrings – thrifted
Booties – JCPennys

And these are some of the things I either bought or considered at the shop.

  1. I looked over trays for a craft project, which I’ll blog about later. It’s a gift, so I don’t really want to talk about it until it’s been presented.
  2. Some cute shoes I bought for $5. Aren’t they cute? I normally don’t like the material these shoes are made of, but I like these! I can’t wait for spring/summer to wear ’em!
  3. Two Pyrex dishes I didn’t get. I already have enough divided baking dishes, and these don’t even have a cute pattern.
  4. I got this little beanie for Tiffany‘s son. I don’t know what this show is, but he apparently likes it.

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