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Thrifting Thursday

I’m linking up with Mandy this week and showing you guys some of the cool stuff I’ve gotten while thrifting lately. I spent less than $50 on all of it, which I think is pretty good, considering all of the clothes I got for myself. This isn’t even all of it; I just remembered I have two more cardigans that I already washed & put away. I’ll have to ad those later.


First up, we have stuff for me. Summer has snuck up on us, and I was unprepared. I owned one pair of shorts that still fit well, so I fixed that by buying two more pair. I also got three skirts and a pair of cargo pants that will be useful once spring wakes up. PS: There is a pair of black knee shorts on the right, but they didn’t photograph well. But the amazing “Me” purchase of the day was…


This crazy (60s? 70s?) three piece, handmade number. I got a jacket, scarf/belt, and the dress. I had seen this before and considered buying it, but that particular day wasn’t a half off day, and the pattern was so crazy that I didn’t even try it on. Yesterday was a half off day though, and it fit really well, so hello $4 outfit. Truth be told, I’ll prolly never wear the jacket, but the dress is cute and the scarf thing should look good as a headband!


Finally, we have the stuff for my son.

  • I always see little boys wearing mini army uniforms like their Daddies (or Mommies) and thought they were cute, but they are kind of expensive! I found this one for $5! Sure, I’ll have to get some things added, like the name plate thing or the “rank” but that is easy enough.
  • I also got him some shoes to wear when we go to the pool or splash park. They look a little big, but will hopefully be ok.
  • That game is Wack-a-Mole! I might be playing this more than my son for a while. He’s still a little young, but this game is so fun! There is a light in each mole’s helmet that tells you which one to hit and you smack him with the mallet. Awesome find for $3.
  • I have a list of things I want to find second hand, but will settle on buying from a store if I need to. One of the items on that list was a toddler table & chair set. A long while ago, I found the chairs for $1.99 each, and then yesterday, I found the table for $3.99! I was so happy. I have grand plans for today’s nap time to redo these guys so they all match. We have also avoided Toy Story fever in this house, so my son doesn’t even know who the characters on the table are. I’ll be sure to take pictures and show you when I’m done with the makeover!

That’s it! What have you guys found lately?

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