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Little Bedtime Bunnies

I did a little hand sewing! Our friends, the Monroes, invited us over to their house for Easter, and I intended on bringing over these bunnies to give to their girls. (The blue one was made for my son.) Unfortunately, I didn’t get them done in time, so I couldn’t give them away until the day before the Monroes moved!

They’re made from some of my stash fabric, with felt eyelids, and vintage buttons for the eyes. I call them bedtime bunnies because I thought their eyes looked sleepy. I started them while watching night time TV, but I did most of the sewing while I was waiting in my doctor’s office. Crazy how you have to wait so long after your actual appointment time, am I right? But I digress… I’m not sure how, but I bent my sewing needle while working on these! Luckily, I did it on the last bunny, otherwise I would have been bored to tears waiting.

Once I had the bodies sewn and the eyes/lids sewn on, but I wasn’t sure how I should do the faces. I didn’t want to do an upside down Y for the nose/mouth area, because I thought it might make them look mean…so what to do? I posted a picture on instagram, and Amy suggested I do the upside down Y with an X on top, but curve up the ends of the Y so they’re smiling. I did that, and I like how they turned out. What do you think?

PS: Getting a good group picture of three small kids is just about impossible. Especially when one is sad (about moving?) and the other two just. don’t. care.

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