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Military Ball Hair & Sweater Dying

A couple of Saturdays ago, my husband and I went to a spring ball for his task force in the army.

I got my dress in a dress swap and liked it because it had a lot of room for my growing belly, and it was red – which is the color of the cavalry. I wasn’t that big of a fan of the triangles on the top though…I usually like a bit more coverage. I found a dress on Pinterest (below) that I really liked, and that had the same bottom cut as my dress, so I set out to emulate that dress. I found a lace cardigan at a thrift store and decided to dye it red to match the swap dress. I figured, how hard could it be? Add dye, mix colors, and plop in the sweater. Easy, right? NOPE!

I bought three different colors of dye: red, black, and magenta; figuring I would be able to mix those and get the color of my dress. I did a little trial and error on an old tee of my son’s and eventually had a color that I thought would work. My mom said that the water color would be pretty close to what the end color would be, so that’s what I was going with. She was wrong.

I ended up spending just about two whole days trying to get the color right, and towards the end, I was just adding more dye, mixing it up, tossing the sweater in, and crossing my fingers. It went through magenta stages, mauve stages, maroon stages, and finally a color that didn’t clash with my dress. I took that stage and ran with it, even though it was much lighter than I wanted.

Pretty close, right? Not too shabby. A lot of work for a sweater that I only wore to and from the event though. I had it on for a little while during the event, but once the food was served, it got too hot and I took it off.

Since the color wasn’t exact like in the picture, I didn’t sew it to the dress as originally planned. Instead, I just kept it closed with a vintage pin my mother gave me. I am glad I didn’t sew it on; now I can wear it with other things!

I found a video tutorial on Pinterest for a hair style I liked, and decided to try it out. I had an uuuugly Britney Spears necklace in my crafting stash that I bought on clearance (for $2.50!) at Kohl’s a while ago, and I took it apart to make the chain that wraps around my head. I pretty much followed the tutorial word for word, except that my hair is almost too short for this style, so I had to leave out the braids, and my back curls were a lot lower and tighter. Oh well.

I’m not really a makeup person, so I pretty much just did what I normally do, but with darker eye shadow and lips…that pretty much wore off by the time I took pictures. *sigh* And I didn’t bring any to the event because again, not really a makeup person. FAIL! (Middle picture shows made up face.)

PS: While I suggest you keep your dying powder, gloves, spoon, and other supplies on a pizza box so that you don’t mess up your counters…make sure you clean it up right away when you’re done, or your toddler son might knock the whole thing down the next day because he’s hungry and wants pizza; causing a huge mess that will have you freak the eff out because this is not your house and now your tiles have red dye powder all over them that turns to red dye when you spray it with cleaner. (It came off, luckily.) What, that scenario wouldn’t happen to everyone? Just me? Figures. It made me sad, because I was going to save the left over dye for some future project, but after that floor drama, it all went into the trash.

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