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Week in the Life: Saturday

Sorry for getting this up late! Truthfully, deciding to do all of the COMPLETELY (take pictures/notes, create pages, post them on facebook/blog, etc) IN ONE WEEK really burned me out. Haha, I’m glad this is only once a year! I was so tired by the end of the week, that I didn’t even finish all of my Saturday pages on Saturday: a first for this project. I had to do two on Sunday, which ate up my time to post any here.

I am glad that I did this project though. It was really neat to slow things down and focus on the little details. I ended up with fifty pages in my “mini” album, which is a lot more than I thought I would have had in the beginning. Maybe I focused in on too many little things? Haha, naaaaah.

Here are a couple of pages from Saturday.

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Can’t wait for next year’s project. My life is going to be so different then. I’ll have two kids, and we’ll be living in a completely different place! Thanks to Ali Edwards for hosting & Marya for making me do this.

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