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Check Off of the To-Do List

Do you have a list of little crafty projects that you want to finish, but never seem to find the time to? I do, and it’s long. One of the items on the list was making a tail for my son’s rocking horse. I bought this vintage rocking horse back in November of last year for $4, and it needed a tail. I finally got around to making it during today’s nap time.

It’s funny how something as simple as braiding can take so long. I spent HOURS braiding pieces of yarn to make this tail. The nails I had to attach the tail to the horse only fit four little brains though, so I had to split all of the braids into three groups and then arrange them so that it looked like one tail. I braided THOSE into one big braid though because all of the pieces looked messy. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

Of course, as soon as my son woke up, he was fascinated by what I was doing and why the horse was on the recliner part of the couch. Haha, when I finally nailed all of the tail pieces in, braided it up, and put it back on the ground, he had to investigate the new tail. I told him not to pull on it though, and he lost interest. Oh well. Another item checked off the to-do list! Yay!

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