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Flanigan’s Waitressing Mini Scrapbook

I had a child-free weekend with my friends back in Rochester last weekend, and it was wonderful! I went to Marya’s house and we scrapped our hearts out. I worked on my son’s baby book (he’s almost 2, I know…let’s not talk about it.) and I also finished a mini album I started back in 2007. Yeah, I know. I’m not good at getting these things done in a timely manner, it would seem. The only scrapbook I’ve finished on time was John’s first (and only) army album for the year 2009.

I saved my waitressing book that held bills, money and my notepad that I took orders in, and decided to sew some pages to fit in it so I could have a mini album. I’m not even sure why I had these pictures, but I figure I’ve had them so long, I might as well finish the album!

This job was really important to my development as an adult. It’s funny to think that, I mean…it was just a waitress job, but it helped me with time management, prioritizing things, and not taking crap from people. Because people who eat out can be jerks and they don’t need to be…and I’m not going to take it. Ha. I also learned a little Spanish, as the restaurant was located in a suburb of Miami. At one point, I knew how to say steak, chicken, and breaded/unbreaded.

This particular spread features pictures at Denny’s, where we went to eat after staff meetings. Janet was a makeup artist, and Valerie was from the midwest. I don’t remember anything else about them, haha. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from back then. Maybe if I did, this album would’ve been finished earlier?

These two pages were originally a traditional 12×12 page spread. When I decided to make this mini album, I had to disassemble it to fit in the book. I was Flanigan’s (the name of the restaurant) Barbie for Halloween. I used the fabric from another co-worker’s shirt to make a halter top and ruffle for my skirt.  I remember this night being really slow, haha.

Also slow…Christmas time. Guess an Irish-themed Seafood Bar and Grill isn’t the place to go for Christmas, ha. We had a staff lunch, and I made an elf hat out of the left over fabric from that shirt I cut up at Halloween. I barely had enough left over…the hat was really tight!

You know what the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day is? AN IRISH THEMED SEAFOOD BAR & GRILL, ha. I didn’t have to work that day, but I went in to say hi to everyone. I was thirsty, so I asked for a coke, and I got it with a little something extra. Scratch that, a lot of something extra, ha.

The last page is just a pocket of comics that I drew on my lunch break. I need to buy a white out pen so I can write that on the “blackboard”. One of my coworkers would write out the script, and I would draw them. Good way to pass the time. The pockets on the right just hold my cheat sheet for the market prices of seafood and the beers, because I don’t drink beer. I know nothing about beer. Like, seriously. Gross.

It’s such a small album, I can’t believe it took this long to finish, but I’m glad it’s finally done! What do you think of it?

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