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My Hillside Garden: July Update

Sorry I haven’t been very good about keeping you updated, but I’m quite pleased with the progress of my hillside garden! I’ve managed to grow quite an impressive little collection here. Who would have thought?!

Maybe it’s my inexperience, but I don’t think this looks like someone’s first garden.

Garden update - garden
I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to grow here. I pretty much still have no idea what I’m doing and am googling away as problems arise. But, my tomato cages are doing their job, my craigslist-find chicken wire is about to have some legit cucumber vines cascading over the top, I’ve got some long onion stalk-things flowering, and my potato …bush? looks really good.

Garden update - zucchini
My zucchini plants are out of control. I planted way too many for the space, not realizing that they’d get so big. I feel like I’m constantly cutting up zucchini and tossing it in the freezer. I don’t know if I’ll use it all!

Garden Update - HarvestGarden Update - Monster Zucchini
Every couple of days, I go down to see what I can pick. Sometimes it’s a treasure hunt and I’ll find a zucchini that’s managed to evade prior capture and is now a monstrous size!! Sometimes my youngest will join me, but when he does, I don’t make it back to the house with many/any cherry tomatoes. I’ll have to add more plants next year just for him!

My neighbor has a garden too and has been helping me out when she can. The above picture is the food I got from her garden when I was watching it during her vacation. Two garden’s worth of food makes me want to build MOAR BOXES. All the boxes! All the free veggies!!!

I am having way too much fun with this.

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