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Smashbook Time

I’ve still been plugging away at my “scrapbooking as rehab” thing, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished my wedding album, made real headway on my eldest son’s baby book, and have cut out the pictures for the unfinished pages of my youngest’s baby book. Nevermind that I got married in 2008, my eldest is four years old, and my youngest is two…IT’S STILL PROGRESS!

I’ve also been getting some pages done in my 2013 Smashbook. This one is my fav of the pages I’ve finished. It goes over the roadtrip we took when we moved to SC.


My pictures aren’t in any order, because I was more concerned with layout than organization, so I added the number stickers. They allow the viewer to see what picture goes with what location, as specified in the journaling card.

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