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Week in the Life 2014: Tuesday

Today wasn’t that interesting of a day yesterday, so I was able to fit everything into a two page spread. That’s one thing that’s handy about pocket pages – You don’t have to split each page up by event. When I’m doing a traditional layout, I always feel like each page has to be about one thing, but with pocket pages, it can easily be one thing per pocket! Very neat. Very different.

Here are my pages for yesterday:

(Click here to view larger version of layout)

(Click here to view larger version of layout)

So far, I’m not quite sticking to my hopes of finishing the pages every day, but the next day isn’t too bad. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up!

EDIT: Nope. I totally gave up working on it after this page. I took the pictures and notes, but no pages were made. This is hard to do with two kids and a deployed husband! I’m tired!

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