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2014 Album: Cover

I’m trying to make an effort to stop buying a lot of traditional scrapbooking supplies until I use up what I have. My stash already includes a ton of paper, pens, punches, stamps, and at least three full kits. I’ve decided that the kits will hold albums for 2011, 2012, and 2013, which left 2014 up in the air until I decided to try and do a whole year’s album digitally.

Does anyone else start the year’s album at the end of the year? I find it a much better way to reevaluate what was actually important. If I scrap as the year goes by, I end up scrapping EVERYTHING, and the books are ridiculous. This way, I get kind of a highlight album. Or at least, that’s the plan.

Here is the cover for my 2014 album. I’m using the November freebie template from Tickled Pink Studio.

(Click here to view larger version of layout)

What do you guys think? I find it ironic that I ended up using kind of a beachy color scheme for a book set in the Midwest, but that’s just how I was feeling tonight! I think the wood tones, yellows, and oranges kind of even everything out, y/n?

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