Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

I finally got the chance to start working on my 2014 Week in the Life album again. (I didn’t get to finish them before the ScrapbooksPlease.com $.99 sale ended. *sigh* I didn’t even get a chance to start any…)

It’s funny to see how far I’ve come in my pocket pages since I started doing them in October. Since then, I’ve read a lot of blog posts, and watched a bunch of videos, and I think it shows! Here are my pages for Wednesday:

(Click to view larger version of layout)

(Click to view larger version of layout)

(Click to view larger version of layout)

I decided to mix in a couple more traditional layouts for this day, and use a pocket layout for the recap/overview. I like that digital albums allow me this flexibility, and I don’t think I could achieve quite the same effect traditionally.

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