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Just Jaimee 5×7 Planner Pages: February

These pages were made to be printed as a 5×7 photo and glued onto the February divider of my planner. They’re like my own cheater version of Project Life. Two pages per month? Much more manageable than a spread per week. The page below has highlights from the month of February:


(Click here to see a larger version of the layout.)

You can’t see that February wasn’t as exciting as January, but I think we all need months like that, right? Take some time off, hang out at home, be with friends. Quiet time. These pages were made with Just Jaimee’s story planner kit for the month of February and this page ^ uses some sketchy squares (freebie!) by Allison Kimball.


(Click here to see a larger version of the layout.)

In addition to time with friends, we spent a lot of time in Minecraft (haha) and ventured downtown to attend our first Fur Rondy event! It was really need to see how fast those dogs ran. Incredible! (Page details: In addition to the Just Jaimee Planner Kit, this pages uses some freebie squares by Mommyish.)

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  1. I want to start creating something similar with my baby’s pictures. Thanks for the layout! two per week don’t sound that crazy! I also want to make a scrapbook with my favorite recipes 🙂 I don’t think I’ll have time for both projects ha ha

    • Colleen says:

      Do you have Photoshop? I meant to ask before I sent off my package, but if you do, let me know and I’ll see if I can send off a follow up package!

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