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Color Story: Alaskan Dog Sledding

Hello! For the month of January (and possibly beyond!) I’m going to be sharing a photo I’ve taken of Alaska and a coordinating color story. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses of Alaska and find inspiration from these color palettes. I’d love to see any work you create using them.

If I create something (most likely a scrapbook page) using them, I’ll be sure to post it here. This week, I’m my color story features a picture from when my family went dog sledding at Hillberg Ski Area. You can’t get more Alaskan that dog sledding, right?!

Alaskan Dog Sledding Color Story

Riding on a dog sled is such an amazing experience. It was surprising how peaceful and serine the ride was. While the trip was only a couple of times around the lake, it was definitely worth doing. Everyone in my family had a great time.

My winter contributions to this series will be dominated with cooler tones, to reflect the current environment. I hope I can continue this series all year long and really showcase all of the different colors a full Alaskan year has to offer!

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  1. Lacey Bean says:

    Dog sledding!!! So cool!

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