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Color Story: AK Winter Sunrise

Hello! For the month of January I’m going to be sharing a photo I’ve taken of Alaska and a coordinating color story. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses of my current home state, and find inspiration from these color palettes. I’d love to see any work you create using them.

This week, a pretty sunrise view from behind my house.

Winter sunrise

One nice thing about it being so dark in Alaska is that it’s really easy to be up for the sunrise, haha. Contrary to popular belief though, it is not ALWAYS dark during the winter up here. During the darkest months, the sun will start rising around 10am! (And then start setting again around 4pm, d’oh!) So yeah, not dark all day.

This particular sunrise was so beautiful that even my boys were awestruck by it. The called me to the window and made me take a picture of it to show my “friends on my phone.” (lol)

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