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Color Story: Flat Top Mountain

Hello! For the month of January I’m going to be sharing a photo I’ve taken of Alaska and a coordinating color story. I hope that you enjoy these glimpses of my current home state, and find inspiration from these color palettes. I’d love to see any work you create using them.

This week, a view of the mountains from Flat Top/Glen Alps. The view from up there is stunning!

Flat Top Mountain

If you ever have the chance to go to Flat Top Mountain/Glen Alps, you should go. There is a little trail that is super easy, and others that range in difficulty. When the weather’s nice, you can even climb the mountain! So, a little something for everyone.

If the weather is bad when you go, make sure that you have four wheel drive for your car. If it’s the least bit icy and you don’t, you might not make it. My van doesn’t have it, and we almost didn’t make it up the last time we tried to visit. The hills up to the trails/parking lot are STEEP! Make sure you take note of the road conditions before you journey out there.

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