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What We’re Currently up To: Week 47

This past week, we’ve been…


I have been committing to Ali Edward‘s annual “Week in the Life” project, and documenting everything that’s been going on this week, and then digitally scrapbooking it. It’s been a doosey of a project, and while I’m behind where I planned on being, it’s still coming along fairly/almost quickly. This year, I’m lucky if I get the previous day’s pages done at the end of the next day, whereas in past years, I’ve been able to finish that day’s pages by the time I went to bed. I might have stayed up a little late, but they got done. I just don’t have that in me this year.

The boys have been loving each other hard, in the way that brothers do, which is equally sweet and not easy for me to watch. The Bean has invented a new game or something, called “Huggies” where he crashes into his victim, and wraps his arms around them while yelling “Huggies!!!” If he “plays” this game with The Munchkin, the hug looks more like a tackle. But they love it, so it’s cool. *side eye*


The Bean has been organizing things by matching similar objects, if that counts. He loves pointing out two of the same letter, things that have the same color, and looking at me (slash probably anyone slash probably everyone) and saying “A match!” He also likes finding things and pointing out that they are “No match.” with a slightly sad little tone. It’s ok buddy, not everything has to match! Sometimes, he’ll even point to two different objects, and he’ll look at me with a mischievous gleam in his eye, and say “Match!” with a giggle. When I say “That’s not a match!” he giggles a lot like “Haha I know; I fooled you!”

The Munchkin has been watching a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of stuff on the Kindle/iPhone. I’ve been jam packing this week with Halloween-themed activities in addition to his regular school and therapy stuff, so it seems like all the time we have at home is spent vegging so he can mentally recover from it all. My grand plan to do nothing on Sunday was killed by a last minute invitation to a birthday party, and needing to drop them off at a friend’s house so that I could go to a FRG coffee group thing. Whoops. Sorry, little man. As a result, Monday was ROUGH. Lesson learned.


I tried shopping for the boys’ Halloween costumes at the thrift stores, but the thrifting Gods failed me this year. Maybe I made my request too specific last year, and they decided to put me in my place. But seriously, they can present me with purple skinny jeans in my size, but 5T overalls are too much to ask for??? I ended up getting everything for The Munchkin’s costume at Target. The Bean’s hoodie is also from Target (Since I decided to just stick with them both being Minions…Lazy, I know.) and his overalls were borrowed from my friend Jina. *hangs head* I did buy my scarf at a thrift store, and used yarn from my stash to crochet some circles for it. I pulled a dress from my closet, c/o Shabby Apple from a couple of years ago, that was close enough to Lucy’s, (from Despicable Me 2) and called it a costume.

Also involving shopping? I am worried about how I’m going to get my Black Friday shopping done since I won’t have anyone here to watch the boys. I’m thinking it won’t happen. SAD FACE!

Pictures: The boys w/iPhone in The Munchkin’s bed | Silly Bean at commissary | The boys w/Kindle in my bed

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Weekly Wears: Kansas Weather is Crazy

One of the things that frustrated me the most about fall in South Carolina is that it would be fall in the morning, and summer in the afternoon. It drove me crazy because I had to get basically two outfits together for everyone, which meant more laundry for me! Well, Kansas doesn’t seem to be any different. Grrr! What was fine when walking The Munchkin to the bus in the morning…


Was by no means appropriate by the time he got home. I mean, I went grocery shopping after lunch, and I was SWEATING. Ugh. Changing outfits was unavoidable.

Outfit Details – Morning
Tunic – Thrifted
Black shirt – Arizona (JCP)
Cardigan – Wet Seal
Scarf – Handmade by me
Leggings & Boots – Target


I guess you could call this “Two Ways to Wear a Tunic and Leggings?” As it was, this version was pushing it with the long leggings and side ponytail. If I’d needed to be outside for any length of time, I think it would have been too warm of an outfit. UGH. In OCTOBER. No.

Also, I’m well aware that some (most?) people would consider this “tunic” a dress, but it’s waaaay too short to be worn with even tights, in my opinion, so “tunic” it is!

Outfit Details – Afternoon
Tunic & Tank – Thrifted
Necklace – Kohl’s
Leggings – Target
Sneakers – Airwalk

What We’re Currently up To: Week 46

This past week, we’ve been…


This is going to sound weird, but… The Munchkin has been anticipating his poops. Yup, I’m opening with poop. He will camp out on the toilet forever if he feels one coming on, haha. I had a parent/teacher conference on Monday, and he apparently does that at school too. They’ll be like “Are you done yet?” and he’ll reply “No! I gotta poopy still!” Hahahaha. Still, this is fantastic progress with his potty training.

The Bean spent some time contributing a coloring page to my latest mini care package for John. The Bean has gotten into tracing things, which is cool. Right now, they’re just broad, sloppy lines, but he traced his name on the coloring sheet and it really wasn’t half bad. I was impressed! Smarty.


On Tuesday, I went to a seminar that was discussing positive parenting. Overall, it was kind of stuff I already knew/thought, but it was nice to have my opinions reaffirmed, and I picked up a couple of techniques to try. I’m going to blog in more detail about it next week.

The Munchkin has NOT been listening very well lately, but he hasn’t been as bad as he was the week before last. I think what helped is that I have reintroduced technology into his life. In small doses. I’ll usually let him use the Kindle or my laptop during The Bean’s nap. I think though, that I have to cap it at an hour and a half, otherwise he’ll start zoning out once he’s done playing. The only exception to this is Sundays. Last weekend was fantastic, so I think I’m going to format my weekends in a similar fashion, so we do ALL THE THINGS on Saturday, and NONE OF THE THINGS on Sunday. Sundays will be for sleeping in, eating a big breakfast, using the computer from 11:30-3:30, and then playing and hanging out. Nice, casual, easy. A total recovery day.


Right now I’m deciding if it’s worth it to try and make The Bean Super Why pajamas for Halloween. Yeah, I’ve got the Why Flyer all done, but he and The Munchkin were Minions last weekend, and they both had fun with that. It makes me want to just keep that going and save the Super Why stuff for another time. I’m also feeling really lazy this week, but I already bought the fabric, so it’s lazy vs frugal. I suppose fabric doesn’t go bad…

What have you guys been up to?

Pictures: From The Munchkin’s class field trip to Munson Angus Farms: Fall! | TM & a horse | Family shot

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