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Will You Join Me in the Miracle Marathon?

Now, before you read the title of this post and say “NOPE! I can’t do a marathon.” Stoppit. You’re in good company; I can’t run a marathon either. However, I can do this one, and so can you! It’s a mile a day (and you don’t even have to run! You can dance if you want to.) over the course of 27 days; September 16th – October 12th. This is a virtual marathon, so you do it from your house.

If you’re keeping track, you’ll notice that a traditional marathon is 26.2 miles…so what’s up with the marathon going on for 27 days? The math doesn’t add up! Well, Miracle Marathon added a special touch by adding one more mile “for the kids.”

I sincerely hope you will donate to my Miracle Marathon journey and/or join my team. I’d love to have you move along with me! Any money collected through my page will benefit the Kansas University Pediatrics Medical Center in Kansas City. I have a personal goal of $270, which is $10 per mile/day, and a team goal of $230. Will you help me raise $500 to help kids in Children’s Miracle Hospitals? Even “sponsoring” one day for $10 would be a big help. I’ve started us off by “sponsoring” the first day! Thanks in advance, guys!


This post is NOT sponsored. Just thought I’d put that out there, since it is a touch pitchy.

What We’re Currently up To: Week 43

This past week, we’ve been…


The Munchkin has apparently been falling to get a reaction out of people at school. Before he started OT again, he used to “fall” because he liked the impact of his body/hands/legs/etc hitting the ground, but once they started working on regulating those impulses in OT, he stopped that. Now, I guess he’s back at it, but doing it class-clown style. *sigh* My little man. The performer. Who knew?

Wearing cold weather clothes! I’ve been so excited. Just last week, I was wishing for fall, and here it is! I do with it came a little slower though, as I was pretty bummed out to turn on the heat today. I guess I should have been more specific, saying that I wanted weather just cool enough to have the windows open all day. You hear that, Mother Nature?! But yeah, sweaters and jeans, and I even wore boots one day! FALL!


Making plans, I guess. I am about 80% sure I’m going to sign up for The Color Run tomorrow, and I’ve been spending most of the week trying to get people to run with me. It doesn’t look like anyone is going to be able to come, but I think The Munchkin would enjoy it. The Bean probably would too, but The Munchkin might actually run some of it with me. The Bean would just hang out in the jogging stroller. Saturday is also a big apple festival on post, and my friend might be coming over tomorrow. Yay, plans!

OH! I also spent most of Saturday making egg rolls with my FRG. They have a booth at that apple thing, and they’re going to sell egg rolls and fried rice. Random, I know, but I bet it’s different enough to spark an interest in the festival goers!

The Bean has been smiling super big when John says his name a certain way over Google Hangout. I wish I could show you, but then you’d know his name, and I’ve put waaaay too much work into these nicknames online. (Ha!) Trust me; it’s cute.


The Munchkin is learning, well starting to, some sight-reading words! He picked up some words on his own, and they’re going to start a sight-reading program in ABA soonish. He’s so smart, this little guy. It amazes me all the time.

Over the past week, I think, The Bean learned how to climb all of the way up to the top bunk, which sucks a lot, because he is still learning how to climb down. He’s not good at it. At all. I fear the day when he climbs up there when I’m not looking and tries to get down and falls and dies. Because, that is the only option in my mind. ALL THE WORRIES. (He actually is too afraid to climb down without me nearby. Dude knows his limitations…BUT STILL)

Pictures: Snapshots from the Freedom Walk today at The Munchkin’s school. (We will never forget.)

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Net Neutrality and the Internet Slowdown


If you haven’t heard of net neutrality, and how it could affect you, then you’d better listen up. I didn’t really know much about it, because it sounded complicated and boring, and generally I think governmental things work themselves out without me needing to get too involved. (I mean, I vote, but otherwise…politics really aren’t my thing.) Then, I saw this clip of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that really opened my eyes. The video is a little long, but totally worth it.

Net neutrality is actually hugely important. Essentially, it means that all data has to be treated equally, no matter who created it. It’s why the internet is a weirdly level playing field. … The point is, the internet in it’s current form is not broken, and the FCC is currently taking steps to fix that. … Ending net neutrality would allow companies to buy their way into the fast lane, leaving everyone else in the slow lane.

That’s crazy, right?! So when I heard that today was #InternetSlowdown Day, a day that some websites have chosen to officially protest this whole thing, I knew I had to take part. Even if it’s already past bedtime. Even though I’m just a little blog. I have to do what I can, because that’s all I can do. If you want to join the likes of, Etsy, Netflix, vimeo, tumblr, DropBox, and more, (and me!) then won’t you take a moment and sign the petition? Click below.

I like having a blog, and I’d like to keep it. If net neutrality goes away, I don’t know that I’ll be able to.