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Blah, the site’s acting up. Lil’ Miss has been sick.

School’s starting soon & we’ve been busy enjoying the last few days of summer.

BRB though, I promise.

What We’ve Been up To Lately: Week 66

Over the past little while, we’ve been…


The Munchkin has been completing his goals in his various therapies left and right. I’ll give this kiddo one thing – whatever struggles his autism seems to give him, he works his little butt off to beat them. Some take longer than others, but when the various switches in his brain flick on, they are ON! It’s so great to see how much progress he’s made and I love it every time more of his sweet self is let out. I have lots to talk about re: Kindergarten, but that deserves a post of its own.

The Bean has been asking if we can Visiting his friend James. Or Micah and Isaiah. Or really anyone. Poor kid is getting a touch of cabin fever being stuck in the house all day (The Munchkin’s all day ABA is in-house and we have to be home for it.) and I feel for him. I think we’re going to start a weekly play date with some friends of ours now that school therapy hours are kicking in and we have basically a free Wednesday until school starts. We’ll see!


John and I have been applauding Lil’ Miss’ ability to spin herself around on her back while laying on her play mat. I’ll set her up north to south and when I look back later, she could be facing east to west or any which way! She can also roll over onto one side, but she can’t quite get over on her belly yet. She tries!

Lil’ Miss and I have been repeating the same terrible night over and over and over. She’ll fall asleep around 9 and I’ll work on homework or finish hanging out with John. Around midnight, she’ll wake up and need to eat or work out some farts for about 45 minutes before falling back to sleep. Then she’ll wake up again around 3 or 4am and we’ll spend another 45 minutes repeating the midnight show. My zombie mode is activated when it’s time to get up and get the boys ready for the day at 7:30, but John has been letting me sleep until 8 when he can. It helps, but uuuuugh. I hope this is a growth spurt because I need this to end.


I’ve already been scheduling all of August because it’s a big month. School starts up for both boys (!!!), we’ve got Lil’ Miss’ 4 month well baby check up, dentist appointments for me and the boys (It’ll be The Bean’s first trip!), and all kinds of therapy changes that are making my head spin. We also want to try to fit in another vacation of some sort before school starts, so August is looking busy busy busy!

Sadly, while I was skipping out on Currently, Lindsey & Randalin ended it!
So now, I’ll be following the prompts given by Katy, Nicole, and Meghan in their weekly Sunday Lately posts. (Although, I doubt I’ll write them on Sunday!)

Pictures: The boys eating ice cream | Lil’ Miss sleeping | The Bean watching cows on the deck

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Missouri Botanical Garden Lantern Festival


One of the places we visited while in St. Louis was Missouri Botanical Garden. We had tentative plans to go there, but when an instagram friend told me about the Lantern Festival that was going on, I knew we had to stop by.


It was amazing! The displays were so pretty and I bet they look even better lit up at night. We got there a couple of hours before close, but we could have easily spent most of the day there, I think.


For once, I gave John the camera, so I’m actually in some photos! Normally, I have to set up the tripod and use the self timer or my remote in order to get myself in some pictures. Handing John the camera was much easier.


One of our fav places was the butterfly garden kind of dome area. It was a little stuffy but had such pretty waterfalls.


More art pieces. Aren’t they just beautiful??


These cherry blossom trees (?) were the best. When I saw them, I gasped and made John take our picture under them. I mean, how could you pass those up? Gorgeous. Lil’ Miss spent most of the trip sleeping in the ring sling. That Sakura Bloom sleepy dust is no joke!


In one section, there is a maze that visitors can explore. We had fun letting the boys lead the way as we got lost taking the different paths. They had a blast too. They don’t get to be in charge very often!


The Lantern Festival is going on until August 23rd. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it!

(PS: NOT a sponsored post, just lots of love.)