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What We’re Currently up To: Week 61

Part of this post was brought to you by Huggies®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of my own.

Here’s what’s been going on this past week:


My mother in law has reading with The Munchkin a lot and working with him on non-school days. She semi-recently retired from teaching and while she says she’s glad to be retired, I bet she misses it a bit. It’s pretty funny to watch her try to work with The Munchkin during the evenings though. If you try to do more than just his homework worksheet, he is all full of NOPE! I don’t think she’s used to that side of him. Haha, she’ll learn.

We’ve been eating all kinds of food that’s been brought to us by our FRG/army friends. Seriously, these guys are so awesome and we’re so lucky to have them. Between left overs and new meals, no one has had to cook anything after breakfast since I got home from the hospital! It’s made transitioning into a family of five so much easier and I’m forever grateful to our army family.


We’ve been enjoying some free diapers. Huggies® sent me a package of size four Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers for The Bean not too long ago and they’ve come in pretty handy! (See above.) The Bean likes the Mickey print on them and they haven’t leaked yet, so that’s cool. (I’ve found size fours to be troublesome on The Bean since he’s on the boarder of sizes four and five, but these apparently work for up to twelve hours!) I’ve seen these for sale at Walmart, so that’s nice that I don’t have to drive to Manhattan to buy diapers if I decide to keep using disposables until I heal up. We also got some Huggies® from the hospital for Lil’ Miss, so it’s like FREE DIAPERS FOR EVERYONE over here!

To buy: Huggies® Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers at

John and I spent some time learning about pumping techniques. Apparently, I’d been doing it all wrong for the last two kids. Gee, I wonder why it never worked out. Apparently, since I’m not looking to exclusively pump or anything, all I need to do is pump once a day, every day, at 6am. The milk won’t start until three days after that initial pump and I shouldn’t do it for more than 15 minutes each day. I should use one of those hands-free bra things (which I already have) and put a warm rice bag on it so it rests on the top of my chest. Hopefully, this will trick my body into thinking it’s feeding a baby, because right now, it’s like “Giiiiirrrllll. You ain’t foolin’ nobody! I’m saving my milk for that squish!” Additional pumping tips are welcomed and appreciated.

The Bean has been wishing that this damn cold would go away! He’s the last one with it and it’s sure doing a good job of hanging around him. Poor thing. He is such a sad sap and this is not a good time for him to be sick. Too much transition. Since Lil’ Miss’ arrival home, he has (rightfully) decided that certain things are “No, for baby.” like the changing table (he gets changed on the floor now.) and the crib. The changing table isn’t a big deal, although getting up from the floor is a little hard these days, but the crib is a toughy because that means he has to nap in his bed…which he’s not very good at. The first day, he spent the whole three hours playing in his room. The second, I’m not even sure because I took a nap… and it hasn’t gotten a whole lot better since then. Hopefully soon, though! Another change that makes it hard is that he’s done with binkys now. We don’t agree on this one. I can understand why it’s so hard for him though. No amount of verbal prep on my part could prepare him for seeing his old binkys (now Lil’ Miss’) around the house and not being able to use them. I kinda want to trash them all and just buy pink ones to see if it helps, but uuuuggghhh… seems so wasteful. Maybe he’ll just get over it? It’s not like it’s a battle or anything; he just points to them and looks at me hopefully. But sorry, little man. Not for you.

I’ll be linking up this week’s Currently with Lindsey and Randalin, as always.

Pictures: The boys + gadgets at the doctor’s | LM & TB in his Huggies® | Lil’ Miss napping

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Lil’ Miss: One Week Old

(Technically, one week and one day, but…close enough.)


Lil’ Miss turned a week old yesterday! She is a surprisingly good baby and I hope she stays that way. Right now of course, her favorite things are being held, sleeping, and eating. She spends most of the day napping and a good portion of the night eating. I’ll work to correct that later, but right now I’m focusing on building up my milk supply. She’s doing pretty well with breastfeeding and has figured out this latch thing much quicker than either of her brothers. Now if only my milk wasn’t filled with so much sleepy dust… I worry that she’s not getting enough to eat! Her favorite position to sleep in is on my chest while doing skin to skin. Sleep has been…interesting for me lately.

When she’s awake, she likes to look around at the world. She also doesn’t seem to mind tummy time, which is a nice change of pace. You would have thought I was torturing them, the way her brothers reacted to it. So far, she is a fan on being worn. (Yay!)

Babies are awesome; everything is new to them. Which means you can shock them out of those cries that have no cause by doing stupid simple stuff like raising them above your head or turning off the lights suddenly. The best. While on the subject of crying, Lil’ Miss turns so red, SO RED, when she’s mad. It’s almost impressive. She’s a pretty pink baby overall though; no jaundice here!


Since we’ve been home, she’s been to the park, out to dinner, to the commissary, and to the doctor’s twice. (Once for her, once for me.) At her first well baby checkup, they said that she looks great and that she’s only lost 7% of her birth weight, which is good. When we left the hospital, she’d only lost 5%, but if they’re not worried I’m not worried. We also made a visit to audiology and the lab. Her ears are fine and they took more blood because the sample they took in the hospital didn’t work for their tests.

Lil’ Miss has quite the wardrobe building up, but right now she’s so small that she really only fits into footie pajamas. None of her pants fit, so her options are limited. It might not be freezing out, but she at least needs to be wearing some leggings! Once her umbilical cord stump falls off and I can put her in her cloth diapers, I’m sure more pants will fit, haha. Until then, I’m seriously considering searching around for some preemie pants!

Lil’ Miss is a lucky girl. She is loved by her parents and big brothers; and doted on by her grandma, who is very happy she came early. It’s been quite the week!

Favorite Instagram Posts: March

Here are my favorite instagram photos from the month of March:


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

March was our first warm month of the year and we celebrated it by spending a lot of time outside! We played in the front yard, backyard, garden, and all kinds of fun things in Manhattan like the St. Patrick’s Day parade and zoo in Manhattan. We also did some prep for Lil’ Miss’ arrival. A pretty great month!

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