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Train Tracks Tuesday: The One on the Box


This week, The Bean brought me one of the boxes of SureTracks and pointed to one of the setups on it. He said he wanted “dis won!” but it was only a partial picture. I had to guess what the rest of the design was, but it came together pretty quickly.

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Here’s what we used in the video:

Wooden train tracks (similar) | Blocks | SureTracks Supports | Tunnels | Trains
Cars (similar) | Houses | Animals (from set) | Trees (from set) | Road Signs | Thomas the Train

What We’re Currently up To: Week 65

Over the past week, we’ve been…


My mother in law is currently visiting, which is nice. She arrived yesterday and the boys were so so excited. The Munchkin counted down the number of “sleeps” until she got here and they gave her the biggest hug when we met up with her and John at a restaurant for lunch. (Her plane landed while The Munchkin was in school.) She’ll be spending a month with us and it’ll be the cleanest month my house has been (and will be) for a while!

I’ve been planning The Munchkin’s birthday party, which is this Saturday. He’s having a 1/2K Colored-Minion-Dash Party. (Get it? Like a 5k, but not very far?) Basically, I’m going to set up a little path that the kids will run down and we’ll throw colored cornstarch at them. I made the powder mix yesterday, but it has to dry out for a while… here’s hoping it’s done in time!! I sort of went crazy and invited a ton of people… including us, we’re going to have 30 people at the party! Whoops. John and I decided to move it from our house to a park. We’re going to work out the details of renting a pavilion and all of that and then let everyone know. If you’ve been invited to the party and are reading this now… expect a text from me later today, haha.


I’ve been cooking with veggies from the garden, which is cool. A bunch of nights, it’ll be dinner time and I didn’t have time to run to the store to get things, and I’ve been able to throw something together with chicken from the freezer (We buy bulk chicken at Sam’s Club, separate it into meal-sized portions, and then freeze it.) and veggies from the garden + sauce or rice or something from the pantry. I’ve been loving it! It’s really made me stretch my brain and think creatively about food, which is cool.

The Munchkin and The Bean are still longing to go to “the” water park. Really, they would probably be happy with anything resembling a water park, so we’re going to try to take them to the splash pad in Manhattan and see if that does the trick. I told one of our friends to buy The Munchkin a sprinkler for his birthday and his teacher is going to take him to the pool in Manhattan too for his birthday, so we’ve got lots going on in terms of water play.


The garden has been growing like crazy. We had lots of rain for a while and everything grew really tall, but then we had lots of heat and a bunch of stuff burned up. My broccoli and spinach are DONE and my cilantro has started flowering, which I didn’t know could happen, so I have to look up if that means it’s DONE too. My zucchini plants have squash bugs, which is super gross. I need to look into how to get rid of them because the bug spray I tried didn’t do anything. Sad face.

I’ll be linking up this week’s Currently with Lindsey and Randalin, as always.

Pictures: Lil’ Miss w/a vintage baby doll head | TM, LM, and I in bed | Me trying to prep dinner w/LM

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