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Missouri Botanical Garden Lantern Festival


One of the places we visited while in St. Louis was Missouri Botanical Garden. We had tentative plans to go there, but when an instagram friend told me about the Lantern Festival that was going on, I knew we had to stop by.


It was amazing! The displays were so pretty and I bet they look even better lit up at night. We got there a couple of hours before close, but we could have easily spent most of the day there, I think.


For once, I gave John the camera, so I’m actually in some photos! Normally, I have to set up the tripod and use the self timer or my remote in order to get myself in some pictures. Handing John the camera was much easier.


One of our fav places was the butterfly garden kind of dome area. It was a little stuffy but had such pretty waterfalls.


More art pieces. Aren’t they just beautiful??


These cherry blossom trees (?) were the best. When I saw them, I gasped and made John take our picture under them. I mean, how could you pass those up? Gorgeous. Lil’ Miss spent most of the trip sleeping in the ring sling. That Sakura Bloom sleepy dust is no joke!


In one section, there is a maze that visitors can explore. We had fun letting the boys lead the way as we got lost taking the different paths. They had a blast too. They don’t get to be in charge very often!


The Lantern Festival is going on until August 23rd. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it!

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Train Tracks Tuesday: Birthday Present


The Bean’s birthday was last week and we got him a Thomas Take and Play set. I got it from a garage sale in June, so it was pretty cheap as far as Thomas toys go, woot! I had it hidden in my closet while I waited for his birthday and he found it one day. Whoops! Still, he was very excited to finally be able to play with it once his birthday came.

I gotta say that I don’t quite like these tracks as much as the wooden ones. Maybe I just don’t have enough, but I felt very restricted in how I could lay out the tracks. I ended up giving up and leaving the setup with tracks that lead to nowhere – something I never do. It just seemed to me like there was one way to lay the tracks and since I didn’t have the box, I couldn’t figure it out. Frustrating. The Bean didn’t care though, so I guess that’s all that matters! Enjoy!

PS: Come for the new tracks, stay for the temper tantrum at the very end.

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Here’s what we used in the video:

Great Quarry Climb Set | Thomas | Luke | James | Sodor Cement Car | Percy
There is also a second set of tracks and trains, but I don’t know which one it is!

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Train Tracks Tuesday is Postponed Until Tomorrow


I actually had a video for you guys today, but I forgot to grab the memory card out of my camera before settling down to work…and, as you can see, I’m now more than a little stuck! The camera is on the kitchen counter and my Jedi mind powers aren’t bringing it to me. Sigh. So no video today for you and an almost guaranteed crick in my neck as I try to sleep on the couch…

I have a PowerPoint presentation to do for class tomorrow, but hopefully I can also edit the TTT video. Fingers crossed!