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Favorite Instagram Posts: December

Here are my favorite instagram photos from the month of December:


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

(Seven is a video & you should check it out!)

December was filled with elf antics, visits with Santa, fun with friends, a couple of colds, thrifting for the boys and Lil’ Miss, a slew of packages (which meant lots of time inside boxes!) and a little flashback of The Munchkin on his first New Year’s Eve. My mother in law also arrived on Christmas and we spent a quiet NYE at home. Let’s see what you’ve got, 2015!

We Saw All the Santas This Month!

Happy belated Christmas, you guys. We’ve been busy and good overall. My mother in law is staying here, and I finished my first week of class. Good times! Anyway, this whole month has been kind of busy. Most weekends were spent enjoying various Christmas events around the area. It wasn’t quite as busy as our Halloween, but it was a lot of fun! I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to regular blogging now that the holidays are over.


At the beginning of the month, we went to a tree lighting ceremony and there was a Santa there. It was pretty funny. The Munchkin wanted to be by the side of the crowd to watch the tree lighting ceremony, and it ended up working out pretty well. We were by the road and right in the path when Santa came! The Munchkin was so excited to see Santa! Once he passed by, The Munchkin went and sat by the road – he thought Santa was starting a parade! Afterwards, we waited way too long in line, but the boys were happy when we finally got to see him.


Fort Riley has a German Christmas market every year, and they had a real reindeer that we could pose with! It was pretty cool, even if it photographs just like a fake, haha.


The market also had a really good Santa. He was down on the bottom floor, and we almost missed him! It was so crowded there, I totally missed the sign. Luckily, my friend saw it. Waiting in line was the worst, but this is in the top two Santa photos for the month. I just wish The Bean had smiled.


The most hilarious Santa goes to the soldier who volunteered to play Santa at my FRG‘s cookie swap, haha. Note the duct tape boots and the stocking on his head because we couldn’t find the Santa hat anywhere. Hilarious. The guy played the part really well though! This Santa got the best smiles out of The Bean. Of course. The FRG received a bunch of bears donated by Build a Bear, so Santa had something to give to each child. The boys love theirs!


We sort of saw Santa at a holiday concert we went to, but it ran way later than I’d planned, and the boys were in no mood to wait in line to see him. They did pretty well throughout the show though. I sat in the back row, just in case, and only had to leave once. The Munchkin was being a little squirrely, so I told him that if he didn’t sit still, we would go home. Well, that was a mistake, and he lost his mind. I had to take the boys out into the lobby until The Munchkin calmed down. He did well after that, but I didn’t want to push things and left as soon as the concert ended.


One weekend, we went bowling with Santa! This was probably one of the best events, just because the boys love bowling. So much so, that they didn’t actually want to take a break to see Santa. When the big man asked The Munchkin what he wanted for Christmas, he replied “To knock down the pins.” Hahaha, he wanted to go back to bowling! I think it took us almost two, two and a half hours to finish one game though. We went with our friends, so there were five kids and one adult playing. I can’t imagine if we tried to play more than one game!


Possibly tied for best event was the “Scuba with Santa” event at one of the pools on post. Again, because the boys love the activity so much. They didn’t care about seeing Santa; they just wanted to swim! I insisted though, because when do you get to see a swimming Santa??? If the boys were older, they could have gone under water and taken a picture with him there. How cool would that have been? We did get a pretty fun picture out of it though!


Scariest Santa goes to the guy at John’s battalion‘s Christmas party. There was a bouncy house at the party, so the boys weren’t too interested in this guy. It was a good time though, with good food. The Munchkin even loved on his sister a little! <3


And, even though we saw all of those other Santas, I still felt the need to see a mall Santa. The Bean was super shy this time, and did NOT want to sit with him. My solution was to have him sit next to The Munchkin instead. It worked well. The Munchkin wasn’t really smiling, so I kept telling him to “Show me happy.” The Bean must of thought I was talking to him too, because he kept getting happier and happier…until we got total ham. I’ve got to say though, it’s pretty accurate. (BTW, they’re both looking up at the umbrella flash, heh. Nothing I could do could get them to look at the camera. Oh well!)

So, we had a pretty busy month. How about you guys?

Tiny Swag, FabKids Edition, December

I got my DSLR working again! John bought me a new memory card, and that was all it needed. I gotta say, it was really bumming me out not having it. I do feel like, though, that I’m starting over with it. Who knew taking a month off from taking photos could set me back so much? I’ve been trying to take elf reaction shots in the morning, and its fail after fail. I have to read some tutorials on taking good pictures in low light. For reals. Anyway…


Last week, it snowed a little. The boys were so excited, and The Munchkin wanted to go outside to play right away. Once he came home from school, I put some gloves, a hat, a scarf on him, and his boots, and let him play a little. He had so much fun making tiny snow balls, and throwing them. It was already warm enough that the snow was starting to melt, so in true “fashion blog” style, I didn’t make him wear a coat. (We weren’t even out for ten minutes.) He immediately started making snow balls, and I told him to aim for the fence or the house, but NOT at me, haha.


I think this outfit is one of FabKid‘s classic outfits. I don’t think they call them that, but I feel like I’ve seen this one before, and quite a while ago. We’ve even had these pants before too, and over a year ago!


Every month, when I can’t decide on an outfit, I let The Munchkin choose between my top picks. This is the outfit he picked this month, and I think he chose well! This shirt is so soft. I love the message on it too. My little man is awesome all day, every day!


Outfit Details:
Hat – Handmade by Mya’s Eyes Boutique
Scarf – Handmade by me
Shirt – Awesome All Day Tee c/o FabKids
Pants – Classic Cargo Pants c/o FabKids
Gloves – Walmart
Boots – Thrifted


He also liked jumping in the snow, but up and down on it only. Once he landed in the snow, and more specifically, on the slush on the back patio, he didn’t enjoy it much, and our photo shoot was cut short. It was fun while it lasted though!

FabKids gave us this outfit in exchange for writing this blog post, but all opinions and photos are my own.