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Tiny Swag, FabKids Edition, July

Oooh, before I get too much further, I wanted to let you guys know that my guestpost over on Awesome All Day, (the FabKids blog) telling you how to make thumbprint trees to decorate a birdhouse, is live. It’s actually been live for a couple of days, but you should check it out anyway!


A couple of Saturdays ago, we set out to check out the Junction City farmer’s market. We admittedly got a late start, but we were supposed to arrive well within the farmer’s market hours. When we got downtown…we saw one table set up, and a couple of stands that were selling random things that weren’t produce or crafts or anything else I would expect to find at a farmer’s market. Ugh. Big disappointment. We didn’t even stop, but instead went to a bakery downtown and had some cookies. They were delicious.

The Munchkin had fun modeling his newest outfit from FabKids, and the owner (I’m assuming) of the bakery said he looked very cute. I can’t say that I don’t agree with her. Aren’t his shorts so cool?


Afterwards, we walked around downtown and looked at a bunch of the shops. The boys especially loved the model train set up in the window of the hobby shop. The Bean didn’t want to leave. The train didn’t even move! I don’t know what was so fascinating about it.

I love these pictures of The Munchkin. Don’t they look like the kind of shot you see in gossip magazines where they show celebrities doing normal things? The Munchkin window shops. HE’S JUST LIKE US!



I really really wish I could remember what he was doing to make this face.

- Outfit Details -
Glasses – Target
Necklace – c/o Amber for Babies
Tank Top & Shorts – c/o FabKids
Sneakers – Converse


After strolling around downtown, we went on a hike to a waterfall near Junction City. The Geary County Fishing Pond or Park or something? I don’t remember. It was actually kind of a hard hike, and we had to go down a pretty steep hill to get to the bottom of the waterfall, but it was pretty. Not very active because it’s been so dry lately, but pretty. The Munchkin had a hard time on the hike back up, and I don’t know if we’ll be going back for a while, haha. Maybe we’ll try this one again in the spring…

Still, not a bad Saturday.

Disclosure: I got this outfit for free in exchange for writing this post, but all opinions and photos are my own.

The Bean’s Second Birtday

The Bean turned two on Sunday! I can’t believe another year has passed, and it’s so cool to see the little boy he’s growing up to be. He is the happiest little boy, a mama’s boy who is my biggest helper and partner in crime. He’s our good eater, and the best little buddy The Munchkin could have. Happy belated birthday, Bean. We love you very much.


We started out the day with birthday pancakes, as one does.


After breakfast, we headed out to Abilene to check out the waterfall in Brown Park. It was a pretty little waterfall that you could drive right up to. No hiking, yay!


There’s a little paved path down a hill that leads you right up to the river below the waterfall.


The Bean was thrilled.


The Munchkin and John went wading a little bit, but The Bean has a nasty cut on his toe, so I made him keep his feet dry.


After that, we went to the Russel Stover store and bought some goodies. The boys love the chocolate covered “marshmallow” bear out in front of the store.


Afterwards we went to Sam’s Club, then headed home so The Bean could take a nap. While he was sleeping, I made him a cake! I haven’t made a cake since college, but The Bean doesn’t like ice cream cake (Which is what we usually get on birthdays.) so I decided to make him a white cake with fresh strawberries and buttercream frosting. It came out pretty good! The Bean approved. He was actually really excited to blow out his candles!


Don’t be too impressed; it’s all from a box or can, haha. I made two layers of cake, and put strawberries and Cool-Whip in the middle, then covered the whole thing with the frosting and stuck a bunch of strawberries on top.

We Skyped with John’s mom while we sang “Happy Birthday” and ate the cake, but then she had to get offline.


Once the cake was eaten, we Skyped with my parents while The Bean opened his presents. He got the rest of the Super Why Super Readers, and a coloring book. He was thrilled, and gave them lots of hugs. He received his big present, a train table, last month, because I couldn’t wait to give it to him. (And…where do you hide a train table?! Those things are HUGE!)


Happy belated birthday, little Bean. May you always stay so sweet.