What We’ve Been up To Lately: Week 67

Over the past while, we’ve been…

As mentioned before, we’ve been doing lots of updating in regards to EFMP. I started doing it before the school year ended in June, hoping that it would carry us through getting orders, but they needed stuff from the new school since The Munchkin changed schools. Sigh. So I had to give them another copy of his IEP and get him another physical screening and have the new school fill out some paperwork. Then, because we’re moving OCONUS, we all needed screenings. And you know how that turned out. Hopefully though, all of this won’t get us John’s orders denied, like they did for his orders to Germany.

I spend most mornings reminding the boys about what they’re supposed to be doing right now. I saw something on facebook today that really rang true for me. I think it was a tweet in a collection of funny parent tweets and it said something along the lines of “My mornings now consist of single word sentences: Eat. Now! Clothes. Now! Brush. Teeth. Now! Shoes! Now! Now, now, now!” and that is basically my life with some “What are you guys dooooiiiiingggg??? We don’t have time for this! We’re late!” thrown in for good measure.

The Bean has been needing everything under the sun before bed. The stalling king is back and John and I are not pleased. I thought that ending nap time would fix it. (His last nap was on his 3rd birthday.) It didn’t. I thought school starting might help. So far, nope. I don’t get it. Why don’t little kids love to sleep? It’s so awesome. I started using one of those turtles that shine stars onto the ceiling from its shell but that only worked for a day. I thrifted him a Cars sleeping bag, but he gets out of it and can’t figure out how to get back in it without unzipping it. Stall, stall, stall.

I have been wearing Lil’ Miss less this week because I’ve been observing an English Language Learning reading class and she’s been at hourly care. This also means that I’ve been wearing things outside of my breastfeeding wardrobe. It’s weird and freeing at the same time. I have to change shortly after I get home, but for those couple of hours I’m a regular adult: Free to wear what I want and not limited by whether or not I have easy access to my boobies!

Lil’ Miss is still being pretty needy on the regular, but she is not as bad as she used to be. She’s gotten more responsive and spends time smiling and staring at John from time to time. She still loves her brothers most of all. My mom said that she was sad that Lil’ Miss didn’t know who she was and I told her not to worry about it. Right now, Lil’ Miss’ world consists of “Food Source”, “Picker-Upper”, “Funny One”, “Binky One”, “Big Fluffy”, and “Small Fluffy”. That’s it. She’s not really into details on people just yet, ha.

Pictures: The boys eating cookies | TB & I stalking a turtle | LM eating her foot
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I Thought Having Kids in School Would Make Me Less Busy…

So. Like the title of this post says, I thought that my life would be more simple once the school year started. I imagined so much freedom. So many things accomplished. I thought I would get my house at a base level of clean and then do crafts that I have on my to-do list and stuff. NOPE. SIGH.

Having a child in kindergarten was a big adjustment for everyone. Getting up earlier, having class five days a week, but mostly because The Munchkin is in a regular education classroom (!!!) for the first time. Turns out, regular ed doesn’t mess around. The teacher expects the kids to be responsible for remembering all of the things they’re supposed to bring to school (folder, library book, snack.) and if they don’t, they’re expected to remind their parents that they didn’t have it. Notes are not sent home from the teacher. She doesn’t even look in their bags. I think it was two weeks before we regularly remembered everything and a lot of it was only because The Munchkin’s ABA tutor (who is in the classroom a couple of hours a day) let me know things like… “Oh hey, the parents are supposed to provide snacks, did you know that?” No. No, I did not know that. The Munchkin went without snack for two days because I didn’t know he was supposed to bring one from home, and then without for two days after that because he didn’t take it out of his backpack himself and when his teacher asked him if he had one, he told her no. *Hangs head* There were a good handful of days where I had to run home to get something we’d forgotten after I dropped The Bean off at his school. Since The Bean’s school is only two and a half hours long, even little trips home and back chip away at productivity.

Bean update: The Bean has the same teacher that The Munchkin had last year, which is cool. He is a peer model in the class and gets a good report every day. I peeked in on his class today and he was so cute, sitting with all of his classmates on the carpet! So far, I’ve only forgotten to pack his folder in his backpack once! I only forgot The Munchkin’s snack once last week, so things are looking up!

Another time suck has been doctor’s appointments. Not only dealing with Lil’ Miss’ well baby and sick baby appointments, but school physicals, and EFMP screenings for The Bean, Lil’ Miss, The Munchkin, and myself because…

We're moving to Alaska!

Yup. That’s right. We’re moving to the Anchorage area in a couple of months, assuming everyone passes their EFMP screenings. Which I think we all will. Alaska is pretty good with the services. Lil’ Miss and I had to join the EFMP because of these screenings though, (Me for my hearing aids, Lil’ Miss because she’s slightly behind on sitting up.) which I think is kind of bogus, but whatever.

So, my free time has been spent going to various appointments related to the move (briefings, passport office*, etc.) and going through all of our stuff. While I normally cull our stuff while I unpack at the new place, we kiiiiinda don’t want to cart everything through Canada first this time, you know? I started with the baby clothes, which has taken a lot more time to go through than I expected. The poor nursery is in shambles, because that’s my sorting room.

On top of all of that, I’m still taking masters classes, one at a time. I started classroom observations this week. Oh, and we’re working on completing our Kansas bucket list since John goes into surgery on his shoulder again next week, so he’ll pretty much be out of commission for a while after that, and then we basically move. So yeah. Busy busy. I never would have thought summer would have been my calm time, but here we are.

Whew. What have you guys been up to?

*Yeah, you need a passport if you’re moving to Alaska. I was surprised too.

(Alaska photo by my friend Kimi, who is already there.)

Favorite Instagram Posts: August

Getting a bit caught up here, please stick with me. Picking nine favorites for last month was hard! Here are my favorite Instagram pics from August:


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

August was filled with road trips, day trips, school work for me, and school starting for the boys. It was a nice closing to our busy summer.

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