Craigslist Gold Medalist

It should be no big secret that I am a huge fan of craigslist. It is like a thrift store that never closes. Sure, sometimes you go and look only to leave disappointed, but sometimes you find pure awesomeness. Today, I brought home a cute 2-person toddler (?) glider for The Munchkin to use over the summer, pictured above*. And while I got this practically new glider for only $30, that is not why I should be given a gold medal in craigslisting.

It is because I have never NOT been able to bring something home. EVER. NO MATTER WHAT. I always find a way to make it fit, whatever “it” is. Last week I fit a two baby jogging stroller in my PRIUS, WITH The Munchkin in the car. I fit an entire kitchen table & 4 chairs set into the Taurus. John and I fit a queen sized bed frame w/headboard and footboard in his Tiburon.


PS: The only exception, now that I think about it, is the couch in the living room. 🙁 For that, I needed Leah’s pickup truck, but I don’t know if it counts because I didn’t even try to get it in my car. So, technically, I still have not ever had to leave something behind because it didn’t fit. Does this mark me down to a silver medalist?

*Crappy glider pictures from craigslist posting itself, sorry.


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