Today, The Munchkin turns one year old. It seems crazy to me that this little dude has been hanging around this planet for a whole year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We ended up inducing labor b/c my family was in town, and it was looking like The Munchkin was going to be late. Since it wasn’t planned or anything, we were at the mercy of when the hospital could fit us in. John had to drive to Ft. Drum to check in (he was based at Ft. Jackson during my pregnancy) and had just met his new boss when I called him to say that the hospital could squeeze me in, ha! But at least he was in NY when it happened! The 2.5 hours it took him to drive from Drum to Rochester was way better than the 12 hours it would have taken him to get here from Jackson.

Not that it really would have mattered in the long run though. The induction meds weren’t doing their job, and I wasn’t progressing. Something like 18 hours into it, the doctor did an exam, and The Munchkin was like “DONE WITH THIS BS!!!” His heart rate dropped, and in for an emergency c-section we went.

Except for a jerk face anesthesiologist, it was smooth sailing. A little while later, I teared up at the sound of my baby’s screams, and when I was presented with a red faced little boy, I immediately puked into one of those kidney-shaped bowls b/c seriously, those meds make you feel gross, and I am awesome at timing, lol. But then I was better. And he was ours.

This past year has had it’s challenges, for sure, but it’s been pretty great too. I’ve gotten bad at keeping up with his monthday posts, but over the past few months, The Munchkin stopped eating purees, then started eating them again, got 4 teeth, stopped sleeping through the night as a result of them, started back up again once they popped trough, spent only a couple weeks in 6-9 month clothes before moving onto 9-12, began talking A LOT more, interacting with Kipp more, had his first hair cut, and smiling all the time; as always. Last week, he even started walking! We’re only up to about 4 steps, but it’s still pretty impressive. My little man is getting so big!

He was so excited about his birthday today, he woke up at 4:30am, and wouldn’t go back to sleep! So, we went downstairs and put on his birthday bib from Grandma M, had a special birthday smoothie, and opened some presents. Then, around 6am, he finally wanted to go to bed.

When he woke up four hours later, he had a little more to eat, opened the rest of his presents, and we got ready for the day. We ran some errands, and are going to do some chores, and have a celebratory pot pie for dinner, lol. I think we’re going to get The Munchkin a cupcake too.

PS: (!!!)

See you guys in a little while.;) I might pop in every once in a while, but mostly, I’m going to spend time w/my family. You understand.