How I Lost 10 Pounds: Part 1

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Always remember to consult your physican before beginning any exercise program.

For those of you who read by blog by visiting the site, (as opposed to those of you who use a blog reader) you may have noticed that I have a weight loss tracker over there on the right. I put it up in March, and it didn’t move much…at all. Then, in June (?) I was sent a copy of Prenatal Pilates to try out and review for the blog. I was interested in it, because I hadn’t seen any work out programs for pregnant women (although, truth be told, I didn’t exactly look for them…) and I thought it would be useful for the next time I got pregnant. (Which is not now, sadly & btw.) And while exercise isn’t normally for me, the big fat non-movement of my weight loss tracker was telling me that what I was doing (trying to eat better) wasn’t working. So, I decided to give it a go. Bye bye, baby weight!