There are two ways that I notice that The Munchkin has grown:

  1. He grows out of his clothes.
  2. He can reach things on the table that he wasn’t able to reach before.

The second one is slightly more annoying than the first because it makes the “safe zone” of things I put on tables to keep away from him smaller and smaller.

When I am in the kitchen, I usually close the door to the study and put up a gate to the hallway, put Kipp’s food and water dishes on the table, and let The Munchkin have free rein. The other day, I found out that the “safe zone” just got a little smaller.

Whoops. It was really funny too, because I saw it happening. I saw him reach up, touch the bowls, and grab onto it. I yelled out “NOOOOO” all slow-mo and dramatic-like, like in the movies, but it was no use. I didn’t get there in time.

So, like a good little blogger, I sighed, grabbed my camera, and snapped some photos. The damage was done by then, and lesson learned.

Wet butt! And lol, look at the little bit of his diaper sticking out on the right. It’s been so hot lately that I haven’t always put him in shorts, and he’s starting to figure his diapers out. He can’t go pantless while in a diaper that closes with velcro any more because then he goes diaperless. (Although the first time he did that I laughed pretty hard; little naked butt walking around.) Luckily, this is the worst he’s ever done to the snap diapers, so those seem safe for now.

Sadly, the water bowl did not survive the fall. I don’t know how a chunk managed to escape from there, but it did. So sad; this was my fav piece of the set!