Little Vintage Style: 90s High Top Shorts

This week, we’re linked up at Heart and Sew for “Little Vintage Style” and Mama Loves Papa for “Small Style.”

Today, The Munchkin is wearing hilariously amazing 90s high top sneakers shorts. There was so much color in them, that I just paired it with a white tee and his white high top sneakers, of course. For that extra 90s touch, I put a denim hat on him, which he immediately turned to the side, lol. I turned further back soon after.

The Munchkin is borrowing his shorts from the shop.  Well, kinda. They’re for the shop, but they’re not going to be listed until next month’s update, ha. They’re actually overalls, but they’re too short for him to be worn that way. They’re marked 0-3 months, but since he’s 1 and the bottoms fit, I might think 6-9 months maybe? I don’t know…could be sized by the overall straps? I’m going to include measurements on the listing itself. Anyway, that’s enough shop talk.

This was The Munchkin’s first walk w/o a stroller. We took a cue from Wee Mason’s Mom and brought his walker-car-thing outside to stabilize him. He by no means still needs this thing to walk, but it was a good way to keep him on track. Haha I guess walking with is on the sidewalk is a lot different from walking on carpet though, because he fell a couple times when it just got away from him.

High top glory!!! His are from Walmart.

Most of his shoes close with velcro, so he was pretty fascinated by these laces-things. I took his shoes off once we got inside, and he untied them and even carried one around for a while, lol.

Then, it was time to climb on Mommy and try to steal her camera away. 🙂 Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Ingrid says:

    He is a cutie. My eldest was born in 1990 and I remember lots of similar prints that he wore but at the time they weren’t vintage. Jeepers that makes me feel old.

    • Colleen says:

      Ha, yeah… it’s weird to think that 90s are vintage, but I guess they are now! My little sister was born in 1987, so I kinda know how you feel!

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