Splash Park!

My house is almost unpacked. I’m pretty excited; maybe more so because I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff I can no longer call myself a hoarder. It’s refreshing. Some things I’m slower to get a handle on…like, I didn’t find our mailbox until last week. Whoops. It ended up being in a part of the development I thought was still under construction. Oddly, we didn’t have that much mail!

BTW, if you are worried for us about Hurricane Irene, don’t be; it’s just raining here. Besides, I spent 11 years in South Florida…this is nothing.

After I posted the last entry, updating you guys on The Munchkin, I realized I’d forgotten a couple things, so here is an update on the update: (If you’re reading this blog in the future, I’ve gone ahead and added these things to the list.)

  • Tooth! A couple of days after he got that molar, he woke up at midnight to tell me that he got another tooth next to the two on the bottom
  • Pointing! He points to things that he wants, including people
  • Waving! He waves. It melts your heart
  • Chase! He loves to chase me and be chased by me. He giggles so hard when I finally catch him. The area around our kitchen island will surely be worn thin, lol

I think there are a couple more, but he’s asleep right now, and I can’t think of them. *sigh* Anyway, onto the real reason for this post: the splash park!

 (angelic music plays AAAAAAHHHHH-AAAAAH!)

The splash park near our house was so fun! There are all these different kinds of …ways that the water falls onto the kids; like sprinklers, buckets, water guns, and faucets. The Munchkin was really excited when we got there, but I think the water was colder than he’d been expecting since I usually heat some of the water in his pool before adding hose water.

As a result, he just kind of stood still and held his hand into the water, instead of walking around like I thought he would. I wore my bathing suit, so I lead him through the water and showed him it was ok.

At one point, I picked him up, and we ran through the arch above. What is the point in having a kid if you can’t be a kid yourself sometimes???

One thing that I think is cool is that the water is set on a timer, so after a while it just shuts off, and you have to turn it back on. Nice to know that the army is conserving water and not having them run all day every day.

At one point, the water turned off, and one of the bigger kids ran over to turn it back on (is it weird that I managed to crop out all of the other kids for the blog??) and I don’t know if The Munchkin wanted to turn it on, or what, but he pointed that way and started to make a beeline for it…not realizing that he was going straight into one of the heavier downpour sections of the splash park. Tunnel vision or something? I don’t know.

The water turned back on well before he started to move, so I don’t know how he didn’t see it. Once he entered the downfall, he just stopped. Just stopped and stared, wide eyed. I think he was in shock. I called to him, but nothing. He just stayed put. As funny as it was (and it was really funny) I got a little worried and guided him out of the downpour. He immediately left the splash park, lol.

I don’t know if it was the temperature of the water, or if he just got tired of playing in it (noooo) but once he found the steering wheel on the playground, that was it. He would slowly climb all the way up to the steering wheel, spin it around until I got bored and made us slide down the slide, and start the whole thing over.

Still, good times. I can’t wait for the nicer weather to return so that we can go back to the real splash park! It’s 57 out, so no splash park for us today!