How I Lost 10 Pounds: Part 2


Oh snap you guys, I totally forgot that I have a copy of the Prenatal Pilates DVD to give away! If you’re interested on winning a copy, head on over to that entry and leave a comment. Remember, it’s great for non-preggos too!

Anyway, back to the 2nd part of how I lost 10 pounds: an iphone app called Lose It! I DLed it for my ipad, and it’s a calorie counter, but a super amazing, user friendly one.

Ignore that this pic is from like a month ago; I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while. When you set up the app, it asks you how much you want to lose, and whether you want to lose 1lbs or 2lbs a week. Based on your answers, it predicts when you should lose the weight by, and tells you how many calories you should eat each day. (Each day is the same number btw.)

So what I do is enter in the food I want to eat that day, and then figure out how much I need to exercise in order to eat that food, because I ALWAYS want to eat more than my calorie limit would allow. I mention doing it in the morning because making food choices on the fly does NOT work for me. I try to be good and think like “Oh, how bad could a plain bagel with butter and a low fat blueberry muffin be?” BAD. It was almost my whole day’s allotment right there. So yeah, do it in the morning. You can always change it as the day progresses, but this gives you a nice starting off point.

What I learned from keeping track of my eating like this is that I. Am. A. Snacker. Whoo, boy. It was bad. But this app makes me think about my snacks, and choose wisely. I made a bag of microwave popcorn, and instead of eating the whole thing like I normally would, I split it up into a bunch of 1 cup sandwich bags and ate it over the course of the WEEK. Snacking smart.

The exercises aren’t anything crazy. I mean look, I have walking and house cleaning on there. I would count going to the store as walking, and when I helped a friend move, I added “weight lifting” for the day.

I’m not really concerned if it’s 100% correct, because it’s better than what I was doing…which was nothing, let’s be honest.

If you do something that’s not on the list, you can add it, which I think is a really cool feature. Do you think they had babywearing as an option? Heck no, but that burns 250 calories an hour, so I added it.

While I’m on the subject of adding, you can add foods too. I went out to Moe’s for lunch one day and ate half of a burrito. I looked on Moe’s website and saw how much their burrito was, calorie-wise, and added it to the app. Easy!

So yeah, I love this app. If you have an iphone or ipad and are tying to lose weight, download it now. It’s free, so why not??

End rating: 5 out of 5 hearts!
This app is awesome and free. Sure it takes a little dedication, but you don’t get results w/o dedication. Download it.

Full disclosure: Nobody paid me to write this review and the app was already free so no one needed to “give” it to me. I just really really like it.

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