LOVE PicFrame!

My laptop is still out of commission, which means no photoshop, so I am DYING. Top that off with me NOT being able to fix my camera (which means the iPad & cell are my only ways to take photos) and you have a sad panda right here. I’ve been writing my entries using the WordPress app, but the images in my tables were driving me CRAZY cuz they weren’t lining up right. (Hi OCD!) This may all seem trivial, but it really didn’t make me want to blog.

But then I saw someone on my instagram feed mention this app called “PicFrame” and OMG life saver! I can use this app to combine my photos into one and it is soooo easy! I generally refuse to pay for apps (this one was .99) but it was sooo worth it! I’ve already gone back and edited the post where I show off my craft nook.

It’s cool cuz you can add borders and change the width of them & you can change the size of your images just by doing the apple-pinch-thing. If you realize half way through that you don’t like the frame you’re using, then just switch frames! Most of the time, your pics carry over too.

One thing I wish it would let me do is drag an image from one space to another. Right now, I have to reopen the photo library and reselect the photo if I want it in a different space. Nothing major, but it would save a little time.

To show you what I mean, here is an example I put together of images I made while goofing off with the photo booth app:


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