Super Mario Bros/NES Nursery

Hey! For Christmas, my parents got me a new power cable for my laptop, so I have Photoshop again! Oh, Photoshop, I have missed you. Getting Photoshop back means I can edit the photos that were on my camera before it broke, including the pics I took of The Munchkin’s room before we moved from Rochester.

From the beginning, I had wanted to do a Super Mario Bros. nursery. I found an inspiration photo online and ran with it. I love how it turned out. I have little figurines scattered all around the room; well, in the bookcase and the cubies. For Christmas, I finally found a Princess Peach figurine and put it in The Munchkin’s stocking.

I wanted to paint the walls blue to mimic the sky, but because we were planning on renting the house, I wanted to keep the color neutral. Instead, my sister and I made clouds similar to those in the game with sharpies and contact paper. The mobile was made with perler beads. I searched for pixel images of the characters and tried to follow them as best as I could. Princess Peach turned out waaay bigger than I planned, so I put her up high. Like she was in the castle or something, heh.

My dad made the bookshelf for The Munchkin. I bought a bookcase from craigslist, and drew out the hills shape on another piece of wood. My dad cut it out and attached it to the back of the bookcase. He then made a box which will someday be painted to look like the question mark box to keep little goodies in. I finally found little blocks the right size to put in the corners as the bolts, so I can finally paint it!

I painted the bookcase white first. To get the stripes, I taped off the sides and painted the back and “hills” light green. Once that dried, I taped off lines (Getting the back and “hill” lines to line up and look continuous took forever.) and painted the darker green. I wish I had painted another coat of the light green over the edges of the painters tape to seal the lines, but I was too excited. As such, the lines are kind of splotchy if you look closely. Oh well! You can’t tell, but the bookends were made with old NES cartridges.

The other side of the room. The rocking chair was my grandparents. I got the ottoman from Walmart and the side table from target.  I thrifted the valences, which someone else  had made from a sheet set. I bought another sheet to make a matching bed skirt with it, but I never got around to it.

I had these comic book advertisements matted. The older one was a gift that I got from The Munchkin’s baby shower. The other one was bought off ebay. I love how they bring a little more character to the room.

The changing table, cubies, and little shelves were all thrifted. I had to paint the changing table and cubies white. I loaded the bottom of the changing table with baskets that I bought at Marshall’s. There is a basket for his pants, one for his cloth diapers, and one for miscellaneous things like lotions, shampoos, wet bags, etc. I hung an over the door hamper to the side of the changing table for easy clothes plopping. This little section is so handy!

The daybed was a Godsend when The Munchkin was first born. I couldn’t sleep in our waterbed because of my C-section, so I camped out in here. Now, I think a big person bed should be in every nursery. I made the blanket to look like a NES remote control. I was stoked when I found the sheet set at Walmart. The little pillow was made from a t-shirt. If you’re wondering why there is a laptop on top of the toy cart, it’s because I used to have a webcam set up so I could monitor The Munchkin’s crib. Maybe a little creepy, but was insanely helpful in checking to see if he was awake without accidentally waking him up.

So, what do think of the old nursery? The one at the new house pretty much looks the same, except it is arranged differently; and the daybed is gone because the room is smaller.

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Love that nursery! You’re so creative and it was fun to have the family work on different projects for the room. Sami & I were happy to find the cloud lamp in IKEA. Fits nicely with the Mario theme. The current nursery is cute too; but your first one will always hold special memories! 🙂

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