We Had Two Warm Days…

Someone on my Facebook feed summarized this week perfectly: “This week is like Mother Nature is channel surfing.” The week started out in the 30s/40s, then warmed up to 60 (!) by the middle, and then went back to 20 and now, there is snow on the ground. *sigh*

BUT when it was 60 out, we went outside! Of course, I haven’t been used to checking the weather, so I didn’t realize it was so warm until it was almost sunset. Mommy fail, yeah yeah. The Munchkin was soooo excited to be outside. Running free, wheeeee! He explored grass, and the sidewalk….and MUD! He got a boot stuck in the mud, but that didn’t stop him. He just slipped it off and kept going. That sock won’t be clean again.

We stayed outside until we really had to go in. I’ll tell you what though, I’m excited for spring now!