Babywearing Wednesday: Week 4

Happy Halloween everyone!

On Sunday, we went to Boo at the Zoo at the NY State Zoo at Thompson Park in Watertown. It was a little chilly, and kind of rainy, but the weather wasn’t too bad to stay home. When we got there, there was a fog over a bunch of the animal enclosures, which added a neat little detail to the event.

I’ve posted a bunch of pictures on instagram about our costumes, but I guess I haven’t mentioned it here – we had a family costume and went as characters from the Mario Brothers games. I recycled the Princess Peach and Toadstool (Who is apparently just called “Toad” these days…) costumes that I made for The Munchkin’s first Halloween because they took a long time and I wanted to get more use out of them than just handing out candy! New additions this year: The Munchkin as Luigi, a Mario hat for John, and Kipp as Yoshi. Kipp didn’t come with us to Boo at the Zoo, but she did go trick or treating with us. I’ll have some pictures of that for you tomorrow.