Babywearing Wednesday: Week 1

Apparently, it’s international babywearing week. So, this feature is well timed!

I have two boys. I need to go places. I don’t want to lug my SUV of a double stroller with me everywhere I go. Enter babywearing. I’ve been doing it a lot more as of late, and I’ve decided to start documenting it weekly here on the blog. If I added a linky, would you join in with your babywearing pictures every week? (Or at least some weeks?) Comment and let me know please!

These pictures are from a trip to the playground. I used to wear The Bean and push The Munchkin to the playground, but it only took a couple of trips to realize that chasing a toddler around while wearing a newborn on your chest was not the best idea in the world. So now, The Bean sleeps in his car seat in the stroller, and I can freely stalk The Munchkin with ease.

I’m wearing him in the “double hammock” style with a wrap that I made from a bunch of fabric that I bought at JoAnn’s. Don’t give me a lot of credit for that – you can do it too. I didn’t even sew it. I just cut it to the proper width (as per a tutorial I found) and used some goo that stops fabric from fraying but is really meant for quilt appliques. I spread my cut fabric over two kitchen chairs that were far apart from each other so I could cover all the edges at once and let them dry, then put the goo on the edges. BOOM easy and done. I’ve used the wrap a bunch of times, and only a couple spots have a string or two of fabric that’s come loose; which could probably be fixed with more goo.

I was going to take some closer pics of me wearing the wrap, but The Bean needed to eat, and while I was feeding him, The Munchkin started to run off towards the big hill, so I had to go get him and then go home because he is not allowed to leave the playground, and if he does then it becomes time to go home. Shockingly, my hair was pulled on the way back from the playground that day. Annoying downside of the back carry, but still better than chasing The Munchkin around and picking him up during a temper-tantrum all the while wearing The Bean.

Oh, and I took a picture of my outfit because I feel like a lot of mommy bloggers post pictures when they’re only dolled up and it makes other mommy’s feel bad about themselves. So fear not reader, I give you a hoodie, jeans, and a failed sock bun! This is how I do casual. The hoodie was a hand me up from my little sister and the jeans are thrifted.

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