Babywearing Wednesday – Week 3

We finally went to a pumpkin patch last weekend to get our pumpkins. I don’t know why, but I feel like we’re doing everything two weeks late this fall. I didn’t even finish decorating the outside of the house until last week. I’m not really going to bother decorating the inside this year; The Munchkin will just pull everything down. But I digress…

This was the first time I tried wearing The Bean in the front/lotus position in the Moby, and I gotta say, I’m not a fan right now. Maybe when he’s bigger? I don’t know if he was overstimulated or super happy to be able to see everything, but he was really kicky, and kept pushing the front flap part down with his feet. Once he did that, he could get an arm free. No bueno.

I was a little sad that the garden center people painted the giant Frankenstein into a giant pumpkin man, but I guess he’s still pretty cool. I’m really glad I got a picture with Ol’ Frank when I did!

Before I forget, The Bean is totally making an “Ermahgerd Snoohpeh” face, right? RIGHT?! (Reference for my mom/MIL/aunts/etc.)

I’d seen what I thought was a bouncy house in the greenhouse area of this garden center driving by, but I was surprised to see a whole kid’s area in the back of the store! They had a hay maze, some kind of inflated “haunted” house thing (I don’t have any details on this because John went inside with The Munchkin.) an inflatable slide that The Munchkin treated like a bouncy house… it was all pretty cool. And free, which was even better! The Munchkin had a blast in there.  The cashier gave him a bag of popcorn on the way out because he was throwing a temper tantrum. I’m not really one to reward temper tantrums, but ultimately, I was happy that he stopped crying, ha. We went home with three pumpkins; a big one that we’ll carve…hopefully this weekend, a smaller one that The Munchkin picked out, and a teeny one for The Bean. They came to less than $9, which I thought was pretty great. It was a fun little outing.

In other news, The Munchkin has been on a hat kick lately, and I’m loving it. I don’t know what started it…maybe the fact that he can pull on his winter hat by himself? I put it on him one day and he pulled it off, then put it back on and seemed to be pretty proud that he could do it (he can’t put any other clothing items on except kind of his shoes…) and proceeded to do it over and over and over. Last year, I had a rule that he was pretty good about, where he had to wear a hat outside if it was cold. He could take it off in the car and inside buildings/houses, but if we were outside, his head was covered. Other than that, he refused to wear a hat. Now, he’ll wear any hat I put on his little head, yaaaaay!

Do you guys want outfit details? You don’t get the whole picture since I have a baby in front of my torso, but… oh. Actually, my whole outfit is thrifted except for my socks and tights. Heh. The tights are from Target and the socks are from forever 21. The sweater is Old Navy and the skort (!) is Target’s brand. The Munchkin’s shirt and shoes are thrifted, I got his hat at a garage sale, and his pants are from Walmart. The Bean’s sweater was probably thrifted. I do a lot of thrifting, heh.


    • Colleen says:

      Oh man, The Munchkin is obsessed with bounce houses. He never feared them ever and it’s hard to get him out once he’s in one!

      I win at being late…I was carving our pumpkin as the first trick or treaters came, hahaha.

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