Pumpkin Bean

Last Halloween post, I promise, ok? I can’t help it, it’s one of my favorite holidays!

I don’t know how Halloween snuck up on us, but it came and our pumpkin still wasn’t carved! I couldn’t have trick or treaters come without a jack-o-lantern on our front porch, so I set out to carve it after breakfast that morning. I put our “Hocus Pocus” DVD in and John cut out the hole in the top. Once I had the insides scooped out, I set up the tripod so that we could take a family picture with The Bean inside the pumpkin. We did this for The Munchkin’s first pumpkin too, but my mom was there to take the pic. Once again, I found that family photos are hard. I hope Santa brings me a real camera this year so that I have more than my iphone to use to document my life…