Toddler Meals Tuesday – Bologna & Cheese “Sushi Rolls”

Toddlers are hard to feed. As I mentioned last month, I’m starting a new feature on the blog where I post a recipe I’ve tried with The Munchkin in my attempts to get him to eat a more balanced meal. Some weeks will work out, some won’t. I think the failures are still worth sharing though, because they might work for your toddler. I’d love to hear your favorite toddler meal recipes! Leave me some details or links in the comments. I might feature some in the coming weeks.

I wanted to start off with one of my favorite lunches to make – Toddler Sushi. It’s pretty basic, and comes together quickly. The Munchkin pretty much won’t eat anything green, but he makes an exception for spinach wraps. I don’t know if this is really a win in the veggie column, but it’s a step closer. These “sushi” rolls are nice because they are small and easy for toddlers to eat.