Back to Hourly Care

The Munchkin has been going back to hourly care two times a week from 8-12, which means I find myself waking up before the boys a lot more often than I used to…

I could resolve this issue by changing the times that The Munchkin goes to hourly care, but there are fewer kids signed up in the morning, and I like that he gets more “one on one” (although not really one on one) time with the teacher. Except for the fact that none of us are morning people, the transition back to hourly care has been a smooth one. I wake up, feed The Bean in bed, and get ready for the day. I get The Bean dressed and wake up The Munchkin. I fix breakfast, we eat, and I change The Munchkin into his hourly care clothes. ( Am I the only one who has a separate wardrobe for daycare-type places??? I do not care about these clothes AT ALL.) After that, we leave the house and I have a few hours alone-ish, since I still have The Bean.