Babywearing Wednesday – Week 6

The day goes on forever when it starts at 4:30am, OMG.
I even had a nap and I’m still like what it’s only 5:30??? Anyway…

A few weeks ago, we went to the Burrville Cider Mill. The weather was awesome that day; perfect, really. Since the apple crops were so bad this year, we didn’t want to travel the hour plus to the nearest orchard, and this place allowed us to get our apple fix. We “picked” apples from the various bins instead. The Munchkin LOVED it. He just kept saying “Ah-pull, Ah-pull” over and over and over. So cute. We selected a little bitty apple for him and were surprised when he took a bite out of it in the car! We also got some apple cider and some cider donuts, yum!