The End of Skirts for 2012, I Fear

Tonight/Tomorrow we’re supposed to get, like…nine inches of snow. Unless I have other skirt pictures on my phone, this will be the last one for 2012. I don’t do skirts in the snow. Scratch that, maybe for a holiday party. Otherwise, I’m all grumpy cat on that ish and straight up NO.

As per usual, I put effort into my outfit only because we were going into town. I wish I took more detail photos, but it was late and the boys needed to go to bed. We played a little bit when we got home (Which is why John is in one picture!) and then it was time for bed. I have on top, a cardigan over a plain white tee, with a scarf that my sister made me thanks to a tutorial she found on pinterest that I can’t find the link to… and on the bottom, my fav skort, some lace tights, socks, and some ankle boots. I wish you could see the details on The Bean’s hoodie. It’s nautical-themed and has red & white striped in the hood and a sweet little anchor on the chest.