Babywearing Wednesday – Week 8

Hello! Welcome to week 8 of Babywearing Wednesday, but week 2 with a linky. Do you have a post about babywearing in your everyday life? The linky is at the bottom of this entry.

Babywearing & Meeting Santa at the Christmas Parade in Watertown, NY
These pictures are from the Christmas parade that we went to last weekend. It was fun, but cold! We got there right when the parade was supposed to start, but it hadn’t started yet, so we went inside the state building (?) to warm up. Wouldn’t you know there was a craft fair going on! I didn’t get any of the crafts, but I got a small caddy from a lady selling old Thirty-One items. I had wanted to get this size when I went to a party hosted by John’s Squadron’s Chaplin‘s wife, but was told that they don’t sell the size anymore. So, even though this one wasn’t the pattern I would have picked out, I got it anyway. I’m currently using it to hold scrapbooking punches and misc scrapbooking items. Love it. We also bought some fudge and John and I (and everyone else) were each given a $2 off coupon to one of the thrift stores in town. That is GOLD to me, people!