Toddler Meals Tuesday – Crescent Roll Sandwiches

I was going to take some pictures of the process today, but The Munchkin has a little bit of a cold and isn’t really eating, so I hope text is ok for this week. It’s a really simple process though, so don’t worry. If you’ve made crescent rolls before, you’ll be fine. This is actually an EXCELLENT way of using leftovers, so remember this for your turkey come Friday, American readers!


  • Pre-made crescent roll dough. You know, the ones that you buy from the store and roll out and it has triangles cut into it?
  • Meat of any kind. The Munchkin favors ham.
  • Cheese


  • Roll out the dough and separate the triangles, laying them flat.
  • Cut your meat so that it fits within the center of the triangle, the long way.  You can use chunks of meat or cold cuts. If using chunks of meat, make them on the smaller and thinner side so you can still roll the dough.
  • Do the same thing as above with your cheese.
  • Roll up the roll like you would with a crescent roll, but smush the ends together so there aren’t any openings.
  • Bake as per the directions on the package.

That’s it! Pretty easy, right? And soooo good! Sometimes, I’ll cut spinach up reeeeeaaaallly small and sneak it in there, but it has to be ridiculously small or it contaminates the whole thing and The Munchkin won’t touch it. When I have time to cut it up, it’s worth the effort though.

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