Babywearing Wednesday: Eating Out

When The Munchkin was little, every time we went out to eat, we’d haul in his car seat and he’d stay there for the whole meal; no matter where we eat. It was a hassle. Flash forward to now, and if we’re going out somewhere that will take a while (a regular sit-down restaurant) we do that with The Bean, but if we’re going somewhere quicker, like Panera/Teriyaki Experience/Moe’s Southwest Grill/etc. then I usually wear him. Which, while convenient in that car seats are heavy and annoying, poses a different problem. How do I eat without getting food on The Bean??

I will say that if I’m wearing him, I keep this in mind with what I order. Nothing hot like soups or messy like pasta or salad. You would think that a burrito would be on the can’t eat list, but I love me a good burrito. So, I get creative. I use the tinfoil that it comes in as a shield! I just open it carefully, and fan out the foil so that it makes a curved lip on the burrito. This catches most of the food that falls out when I bite, so everybody wins! You can babywear and eat your burrito too. The more you know.

That’s it from me this week. Add your link below so everyone can see your cute littles!


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