2013 Winter Cav Ball (+ Updo Tutorial!)

Last week, John and I went to the winter Cav ball. Childcare was cancelled at the last minute, but we were lucky and Fake Grandma Sue was able to watch the boys. If she hadn’t been able to, I don’t know what we would have done; our other sitter was our neighbor and they moved last year!

This ball was probably my favorite of the ones that we’ve been to. Even though I don’t hang out with anyone, I think I know more people now than before, and I spent most of the evening chatting with people. Everyone at our table was really fun too, which was awesome.

When the soldiers were deployed, a bunch of the wives took a dance class. One of the dances we learned was the Cupid Shuffle, and since that class, at any event where there was music, we’d all rush the dance floor and do it as a group when the song came on. Sure enough, they played that song and I rushed towards the dance floor, only to realize that there was only one woman left that I knew from the class! Everyone else has moved away by now. Oh army life, you so crazy.

Here are some more pictures of my hair. If you’re wondering how I did it, it was really easy. I think this hair style would look really nice with a large flower off to the side, but I didn’t have one. I just stuck some pins with pearls on one end in, but they all pretty much got eaten by the curls, ha.

Here is the process on me doing my hair. I took a shower in the morning, put curl defining gel in my hair and put it in rollers from the dollar store. I let it air dry while I made/ate breakfast and did dishes. Then I ran the blow dryer over it on low for a while to speed up the process. Once it was dry (I didn’t wait for the blow dryer to dry it, btw.) I took the rollers out and LOL SHORT HAIR CURLS DIFFERENTLY THAN LONG HAIR. I almost freaked out, thinking that I was screwed, but it ended up looking pretty. The pictures where I’m in red are from the morning, and the other ones are from after the ball, so the hairstyle holds up pretty well.

I separated my hair into three parts: one big chunk at the top front on each side, and then the rest of the back/lower sides. I pulled the back section into a slightly low ponytail and secured it with a ponytail holder that was a similar color to my hair. Make sure you make the ponytail band tight, but not the hair (for volume). My band came loose a couple times, and it’s awkward to fix once you do the next step. Then, I just took the Curly Sue curls, one by one, from the top section and pinned them around the rubber band so it was hidden. That’s it! Easy, and I got a lot of compliments on it too.

Just a few more shots from that night before I go to bed. The above pictures were taken by the photographers at the ball. I took them from the task force’s Facebook page, ha. I love formal balls. They’re so much work to get ready for, but so fun!


    • Colleen says:

      Thanks! I’m glad that the curls calmed down a bit, haha. I actually had to buy that dress the morning of because I couldn’t zip any of the dresses that I already had over my boobs! Damn you, breastfeeding boobs! And to think I thought I only had to worry about my belly, haha.

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