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I’m linking up this week with Jenn over at The Elsewhere Blog and Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife. I’m going to try and post a cute outfit every week. I would like to note that the Friday outfit maaaay be the only time I really put effort into my outfit. Just saying. Anyway, this week’s outfit features the new shirt I got from eShakti.com.

I was so excited when I got this shirt. I love the beading on it. I originally wanted to wear it with a green skirt, but I don’t have one, and it’s too hot here to wear the top over a dress, so I went with a random splash of color: pinky-coral. I liked it.

Do you want to hear the ironic thing about this pinky-coral skirt? I originally bought it to wear to a hipster themed party, where I dressed as a fashion blogger, back when The Munchkin was still really little, and now, here I am, two years later…wearing it in a fashion blog post. *facepalm*

I wore this outfit to The Munchkin’s first evaluation with the school district here. I have a whole autism update to write, but for now, I’ll just talk clothes. This is real life. It was the middle of the day, and my clothes are wrinkled. It happens.

I had the shirt custom made to fit me, and had them shorten the sleeves, because I wanted to wear it this summer, and it would be impossible to wear it once the summer heat sets in.

NOT THAT WE’RE PLANNING ON BABY #3 SOON, but I also think this would make a cute maternity top, y/n? It’s got a lot of room in the tummy, which is nice because I’m still working on getting rid of my baby gut.

And, as per usual, I’m going to end this post with failed attempts at a jumping picture. The first picture is me trying to get The Munchkin to join me, the second is me showing him what I wanted him to do with me (yay no motion blur, boo weird face!), and the third is him tackling me instead. *sigh* Boys.

That’s all for my weekly wears this week!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent this shirt free of charge by eShakti, but opinions are my own.


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