What We’re Currently up To: Week 31

This past week, we’ve been…

Buying lots of food and other supplies for my storm shelter. I was freaked out when an old acquaintance who now lives in Texas posted a link on facebook of a map predicting possible tornadoes coming…that also highlighted Kansas as a potential drop state, but that storm period passed and we were fine. Just thunderstorms. I started doing some light research, but wasn’t really motivated to buy everything RIGHT NOW until our friend, Barry, posted about their business back in Arkansas that got DESTROYED. If you google the damage done to Vilonia, Arkansas, it is horrifying. That pushed me over the edge, and I started looking around the house to see what I could use instead of looking at what I needed to buy. I ended up needing to buy things, obviously, and still haven’t gotten everything on my list, but I used a lot of what we already had just in case we needed to go in there RIGHT NOW. Once I get bags packed with extra clothes, and buy a storm radio, I’ll feel ready.

Snapping lots of pictures. The Munchkin has gotten the photo bug, and loves to take photos. He’s finally figured out the whole “looking through the eye hole to see what you’re taking a picture of” thing. I’ll ask him, “Ok, what do you see now?” and he’ll say “Kipp!” (or whatever) and I’ll ask him if he wants to take a picture of that, and if he says yes, I’ll move his finger over the button, and press down. He LOVES looking at the pictures he’s taken. I’ll have to do a post with them soon; some of them aren’t half bad!

Scoring big in the second-hand things department. Last weekend, I went to what I thought was going to be a church yard sale, and it ended up being a church giving away a bunch of clothes that people donated. (?!) I ended up getting a TON of stuff for the boys, and a cute jacket for myself. It mostly fits, but is a little tight. I’m in that fun stage now where I’m in between sizes, so everything is too big or too small, yay! I also got some steals at the Fort Riley thrift store, in their $1 a bag room. I try to go every week, because the deals can’t be beat. This week, I got two shirts, a sweater dress, and a vest for myself, a hoodie, a couple of hats. and a shirt for The Munchkin, and a bike helmet for The Bean all FOR A DOLLAR. That’s like eleven cents an item, people!

Struggling when The Munchkin stalls at bedtime. More so if I don’t put The Bean down first and he’s running around while The Munchkin is stalling. I’m telling you guys, my days aren’t even bad, really, but man. I need those kids to go to bed! At one point tonight, I stood in the middle of the sitting room and yelled at the ceiling “OK! EVERYONE IS GOING TO BED NOW!” I started writing this entry maybe an hour, hour and a half ago, and The Munchkin is currently jumping on the bed next to me. Nothing makes this kid go to sleep if he doesn’t want to sleep. Believe me, I try.

Losing time to plant things? I’m actually not sure if this is true, but everyone seems to have their stuff planted already and I don’t even have dirt in my garden boxes. I’m really starting to worry that I took too long to get everything together, and now it’s too late in the season. I never even started little seedlings, which was dumb. Sorry, I’m new at this. I’m probably going to look up how that’s done and see if the boys have any interest in helping me over the weekend. Fingers crossed I didn’t just do all this prep work to be ready for next year!

What have you guys been up to?

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  1. Tiffany @ Stuck on a Cloud says:

    Don’t you just love second hand finds!?!? I know what you mean about the weather. When we lived in Florida I was that way all the time. I had the weather channel on every tv in the house all day all. I would get so freaked out about anytime they say a storm was coming. Hubby would be all clam down Tiffany. And sweetly I hate to say this, but I’m still fighting at bedtime with my boys to go to bed. They are in the 3rd and 5th grade. Boys….
    Tiffany @ Stuck on a Cloud recently posted..Currently {5-1-14}My Profile

    • Colleen says:

      I actually only lived in Florida for a handful of years, but hurricanes don’t phase me anymore! I’m sure I’ll get the same way with tornadoes…maybe, actually, I don’t know if we’ll live here long enough for that. Great!

      And NO. NOOOOO with the bedtime thing. NOOOOOO.

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