Weekly Wears: Kansas Weather is Crazy

One of the things that frustrated me the most about fall in South Carolina is that it would be fall in the morning, and summer in the afternoon. It drove me crazy because I had to get basically two outfits together for everyone, which meant more laundry for me! Well, Kansas doesn’t seem to be any different. Grrr! What was fine when walking The Munchkin to the bus in the morning…


Was by no means appropriate by the time he got home. I mean, I went grocery shopping after lunch, and I was SWEATING. Ugh. Changing outfits was unavoidable. Outfit details have been moved here.

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    • Colleen says:

      Thank you! I had an accidental ombre thing happening because I got my hair highlighted, and then did nothing to it for over a year, but I just bought an at-home ombre kit to make it look more legit. I like how it turned out!

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