Wear ‘Em Wednesday: Queen of the Skeletons Bowling

I was sent this sling at a discounted price in exchange for this post and some social media shares.
All opinions and thoughts below are my own.


One of our favorite ways to spend our last few weekends in Kansas was at the bowling alley on post. On Sundays, they have a special where $36 gets you two hours of unlimited bowling for six people, free shoe rentals, a large pizza, and two pitchers of soda. Even though we only had three bowlers or less play, it was still a pretty good deal once you factored in shoe rentals, pizza, and the drinks.
We’d generally do two games, but I think on Halloween we bowled three. (That’s where these pictures are from. Even though Halloween was on a Saturday, I still thought I’d mention the Sunday special in case anyone was looking for something to do at Fort Riley.)

I didn’t want the kids to mess up their Halloween costumes, so I dressed them up in their skeleton pajamas for our bowling outing. They were still festive and so cute! I wore my black maxi dress, a grey cardigan, and a veiled top hat and called myself “The Skeleton Queen” because whatever grown ups don’t usually dress up anymore (Sad!) and the outfit went well with my new Mamaway ring sling.


`The Munchkin semi-recently decided that he doesn’t need to use the kiddie ramp anymore and instead runs towards the lane, stops, and kind of chucks the ball down the lane using two hands. He still needs the bumpers. Watching him bowl is pretty funny.

The Bean still uses the ramp and I’m not sure why he loves bowling so much. He just pushes the ball down the ramp and then walks away without watching to see how many pins he hits. He seems to care more about which ball he’s going to use and selects the “correct” one via “Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe” which I’m pretty sure he learned from The Munchkin. Very cute.

As you can see, ramp > no ramp when you can’t actually bowl.


I generally don’t bowl myself and spend most of my time chasing the boys and moving the ramp out of the way/into use. The ring sling comes in real handy when Lil’ Miss stops being happy watching from the sidelines. I can pop her in and she’ll immediately calm down.
I was sent this Mamaway ring sling to review and I like it a lot. It’s quite a bit softer than the linen ring sling I currently have and is a bit more comfortable to wear. The rings are nylon, which I was unsure about at first, but Mamaway claims they hold up to 110 pounds… Even still, I don’t think the fabric would hold that much, so I’d stick to the standard 35 pound weight limit that most carriers have when deciding if I should use this for my kiddo. The sling is nice and long, so I have lots of fabric to wrap over myself if I’m nursing while wearing Lil’ Miss. Overall, this is a good sling for the money ($70ish). The fabric does seem to slide a little, making me adjust it frequently while wearing it, but I honestly can’t tell if it’s the fabric’s fault or the fact that Lil’ Miss likes to try standing while being worn.

My ring sling rating: 4/5 hearts.

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