Lost Teeth and the Advantages of Saving Stem Cells

Heads up, this post has been sponsored by LifebankUSA, a company that specializes in saving stem cells through cord blood banking. Thanks for your support, LifebankUSA!

Just before the first day of school, The Munchkin lost his first top tooth! It was funny because we didn’t even know that he had any loose teeth prior to a couple of days before the first fell out. All of a sudden, he seemed to have a bigger gap on the outer edges of his top middle teeth and sure enough, they were both loose! The day after his school’s open house, one fell out and then the next day, the other fell out!

Of course, I posted this news all over facebook and the site’s magical algorithm started informing me that saving baby teeth for their stem cells was a thing that existed, and that the stem cells saved can be used to regenerate tissue, bone, cartilage, and neural tissue. Whaaaat? While I’m not sure that teeth that simply fall out are still good to save, (My minimal googling tells me that they’re supposed to be pulled by a dentist, which confuses me because baby teeth just fall out, so… why pull them?) there are other options if you are pregnant or planning on being pregnant.
If you are pregnant, you can contact companies like LifebankUSA and arrange to have your baby’s cord blood, placental blood, and/or placental tissue stored after you’ve given birth. (They call this “Advanced “Biobanking“) LifebankUSA is a cord blood bank that preserves these cells so that they’re available for use in existing and future medical treatments. Science is pretty neat! I’ve mentioned LifebankUSA on the blog before, but I felt like it was worth mentioning again. While my time to use LifebankUSA’s cord blood banking services may have passed, they might be helpful to one of you. Oh, I feel like I should also mention that they DO NOT do the dental stem cell banking; only placental and umbilical cord. (Just so there isn’t any confusion.)
The Munchkin’s lost tooth count is now up to four and he has an adorably ginormous gap in his mouth. When school started, his teacher was so surprised! “Where did your teeth go?!” and all of that. The Munchkin was so proud and I am proud of him for how laid back he is about them falling out. When the first top tooth fell out, he calmly walked over to my mother in law and just handed it to her. (Hahahaha, sorry Daphne!) The next morning, he complained of a “tooth ache” while eating breakfast and John had to pull the second top tooth out (It was hanging by a thread!) so that The Munchkin could finish eating breakfast. He took that really well too.
Do you guys have any funny teeth stories to tell? Your’s or your kids’? I lost my first tooth in first grade, while eating a chicken patty sandwich at lunch. I tried to chew the tooth, thinking it was a crunchy part of the sandwich! I almost swallowed it! Ha, can you believe that?