john-collleen-profile Parents
John and Colleen are high school sweethearts and live on JBER in Alaska. Colleen is a stay at home mom, and John is an officer in the US Army. They’ve been together for about 15 yrs!
munchkin-profile4yo Big Brother
The Munchkin is six years old. He is very excited to be starting first grade in the fall and┬áloves math and reading. He was diagnosed with autism in February of 2013, but he’s not letting it get him down. He’s the hardest little worker you’ll ever see!
profile_the_bean Little Brother
The Bean is three years old, and loves playing with his trains, watching videos on YouTube, and spending time with his brother. This little guy adores his big brother, and tries his best to keep up to him.
profile_lil_miss Baby Sister
Lil’ Miss is a little over a year old and loves eating, trying to walk, and crawling after her big brothers. She is not a fan of missing naps.
kipp-profile Dog
Kipp is about seven years old. She is the friendliest dog ever, and has endless energy. She loves meeting new people and smaller dogs, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She doesn’t mind it that Twilight bosses her around.
twilight-profile Cat
John got Twilight for Colleen as a Christmas present in 2003. Ergo, she was NOT named after the books/movies. Twilight is a fat cat who is set in her ways, and is ok with changes only as long as they don’t happen too suddenly or too loudly.



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