What I Wore: Blue Tunic and Skinnies

The days are getting longer here in Alaska, which means I can get some outfit posts in! Blogging is hard when your daylight hours are limited, school is insanely busy, and your kids’ schedules are fully fleshed out. However, the weather is getting warmer and I’m excited to share my latest evolution of post-three-kids style with you. Fashion! Yeah!

Disclaimer: I was sent this tunic at a discounted price in exchange for this review. It didn’t affect my opinion of it though, as you’ll see below.

mommy fashion blogger wearing blue tunic

(I’m looking at the moon on the right, but John didn’t get it in the shot!)

I was so excited about this shirt because I thought it would be a good one to wear when I start student teaching in the fall. The length is right, the neckline is high, I figured it would hide my tummy pooch… However, it hides my belly SO MUCH that it hides my entire torso and is a little tent-like. I look like I’ve gained a whole bunch of weight, no? Which is SUCH A SHAME because this thing is super soft and otherwise ridiculously comfy. I haven’t given up on this shirt yet though. I’m now in search of the perfect skinny belt to try over it. Maybe that + a cardigan will save it. I really hope so. SO COMFY.
I’ll let you guys know when/if I figure something out. Until then, it’ll be the ultimate sleep shirt. Sorry, tunic.
UPDATE: I just saw someone on instagram tuck this shirt into a skirt and that is kind of GENIUS. I will have to try that too.
Other outfit notes: This scarf is actually one of those long skinny ones, but I tied the ends together to make a faux infinity scarf! I’m also not sure if these boots are from the girl’s department or not. I bought them in the mixed up clearance section at the PX around Christmas so it could go either way. The brand name makes me think girl’s, but the size is 7.5… thoughts?

Outfit Details:
Tunic – c/o AMIE Finery via Tomoson
Skinny jeans – Target
Boots – MIA Girl
Headband – Claire’s Boutique
Scarf – Target
FitBit – c/o John, lol

Wear ‘Em Wednesday: The Konza Prairie


If you like going outside and you’re in the Flint Hills area of Kansas, I definitely recommend checking out the Konza Prairie. It was one of the things on my Kansas bucket list and we barely made it out there before sunflower season passed. As it was, the flowers that remained were a little sad. I would have loved to have seen it during the peak of the wildflower growing season.

Even if the flowers were a little lacking, it was still a beautiful walk. There are a few trails you can take, but the kids and I chose the shortest one, which is about two miles long. The whole walk, with extensive photo stops, took us about two hours. (Super slow, I know.)

I think the time outside was good for the boys though. It forced them to get out into the sunshine, stretch their legs, and use their muscles. While getting them outside isn’t ever hard, it can be something of a challenge to keep them moving. The Munchkin is only motivated to run for periods of time when there is colored powder being thrust at him and The Bean is very quick to say “No, me tired.” at the smallest hint of exhaustion. (The only exception to that being indoor playgrounds. I don’t know why that makes a difference, but both boys could play forever on an indoor playground.)

It was kind of an undertaking to do by myself, but John wasn’t feeling up for the walk that day and waited for us in the car. Haha, we actually took so long that he back-tracked up the trail, starting at the end, thinking that we’d gotten lost. We hadn’t, luckily, and he found us maybe five minutes from the end of the trail. There are signs marking the way, but it wouldn’t have been hard to accidentally choose the wrong way on some of the forks in the road. Keep that in mind if you make your way out there. It’s easy to get distracted by the expansive views.

Lil’ Miss was good throughout the whole walk. At one point, we lost her headband, but some other hiker found it and happened to catch up to us while we were taking some photos. I guess there weren’t a lot of baby girls on the tails that day, haha. I guess it fell off while I was adjusting her sun hat. That hat was super important though. The sun was really bright and her sun hat kept her in the shade. She even fell asleep at one point. Gotta love that babywearing sleepy dust!

If I try another hike with the kids by myself, I’m going to be a little more prepared. This was kind of an impromptu hike, but if I planned one, I would definitely bring hats for everyone, sun block, water, and snacks. The Bean got so thirsty that he gave up at one point. Just sat on the ground and refused to move. Luckily, it was near that “five minutes to the end” point where John found us. Otherwise, I would have had to carry him in the ring sling (He *just* fit within the weight limit back then!) while carrying Lil’ Miss in my arms and keeping The Munchkin going along the trail. It would have been a mess. So yeah. Pack water next time, at the very least.

Overall though, I’m really glad that we made a point to take a slow day and make something of it. Kansas has some beautiful weather and it’s so much better to go outside and enjoy it over admiring it from inside somewhere!