Our Fun at The Color Run


On Saturday, the boys and I participated in The Color Run in Manhattan. I hemmed and hawed about going, but finally bit the bullet and bought the ticket the night before. I thought $45 seemed a little steep for a 5k, but it ended up being totally worth it.


The boys were confused as to why we had to wake up early, but they were pretty good about it, and ate their breakfast without issue. I was pretty bummed though, because it was SO COLD OUT. It was 39 degrees when we got to the race. Ridiculous. I managed to find a light cream blanket in our linen closet, and draped it over the boys in the jogger.

I made them their own runners’ bibs, because The Munchkin wanted his own for the 4th of July Kid’s Fun Run, and I was unprepared. Lesson learned! Once I signed in, I copied my bib number onto their bibs with a Sharpie, and pinned it on him. The Bean kept saying “cold, cold, cold, cold” when I took him out from under the blanket to pin his on, so I pinned it to the blanket instead, haha.