Lil’ Miss: 29 Weeks

So, I’m 29 weeks in at this point, whew! I really started to POP in the belly area after my sister’s wedding. Looks like Lil’ Miss listened to me when I told her that my belly had to stay as small as possible (while still being healthy) for the ceremony! Nice one of my kids listens to me!


I finally had to dig my maternity tops out of storage today. The long tank top under a regular shirt look (like the above) wasn’t cutting it any more! They’re all in the wash now and I can’t wait to put outfits together with some of them. I’d forgotten I had a bunch of the tops. Lil Miss is my last baby, so this is my maternity wardrobe’s┬álast hurrah.

This last week has been pretty ok, but I’m starting to get some of the typical pregnancy annoyances that I’ve been lucky to have avoided for the past few weeks. Crummy sleep due to pee breaks and middle of the night charlie horses. If I don’t eat two bananas a day and drink my weight in water, I’m guaranteed to wake up at least twice due to charlie horses. Of course, all of the extra water makes me have to pee more. I can’t win! (Although pee breaks > charlie horse wake ups forever.) And half the time, when I go to eat a banana, a tiny or small human demands it from me and we end up splitting it. SIGH.