Potty Training Update

I just wanted to do a quick update on the potty situation, since I don’t think I’ve dedicated a blog post to it since October of 2013! O.o There have been a couple of mentions in Currently…ies, but that’s it!


The good news is that The Munchkin is pretty much potty trained during the day. We didn’t start it up again until we were settled in our house here in Kansas, but once we did, it went fairly quickly when compared to all other attempts.


The Setup:

The method I ended up going with was a little brutal, but if it worked, it was worth it right?! First, I set up the boys’ bathroom as a bribe center, with a sticker sheet and his “prize” for when the sticker sheet was all filled up. I drew a Minion on a piece of yellow construction paper and drew lines inside of that, one for each day of the week. I didn’t change out the sheet every week; he just used the same one until it was filled. Actually, there were two prizes – a short term goal of filling up a week (Minion pajamas) and a long term prize of a t-shirt of a minion eating ice cream that he’d get once he filled up the whole sheet. I also bought Minion underpants so he would be excited to wear them. (Guess what The Munchkin was reallyreally into at the time?) I ended up needing to buy some Mickey underpants too, because he went through the Minion ones QUICK and I couldn’t keep up with the laundry.